[Testing Update] 2018-06-25 - Mesa, Openbox, QT, Gitlab, Timeshift, PacUI



I take that back, it wasn that file.

I manage to fix everything by simply this

$ systemctl --user stop pulseaudio
$ systemctl --user disable pulseaudio
$ systemctl --user enable pulseaudio

And reboot

Removing pulse cookie and config pulse folders was not enough

Pulseaudio autostart after last update (2018-07-01)
Pulse audio is broken
Pulseaudio volume/sound keys on i3 working only after manual .config/pulse removal
Sound stopped working
Pulse audio volume control -> configuration

Iā€™d tried by this way, but not helped, until delete all files on folder ~/.config/pulse and also ~/.pulse, then reboot. Problem solved.

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