[Testing Update] 2018-03-24 - Pamac, Pacman-Mirrors, Grub, Firefox, Thunderbird

I am also having the above issues.

@Maggie @openminded Ok, I’ve figured it out. Not sure if this is a KDE bug or a udisks2 bug (this maybe can be confirmed by their communities).
After looking at the logs, I decided to downgrade the udisks2 package, which for me solves this problem.
downgrade udisks2
I had version 2.7.6 and downgraded to 2.7.5 and I have no more issues with “malformed url” or “device is already mounted”. So, downgrade udisks2, reboot and then please test if you still have the problems.


@openminded - This was already discussed back in 22 of February

My previous comment was a link to the solution, it applies to USB, Internal HDD and Dolphin message …

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Did not solved the problem for me (the previously mentioned link) . Auto-mounting was already enabled on my desktop, but the errors were still present. The only thing that solves this for me is downgrading udisks2.

Yeah, downgrading udisks2 does the magic. Finally no more notification mess, thank you!

So a regression in udisks2 then? Did anyone git-bisected it? Changelog. Please report also upstream.

They are talking about it, was already reported, there is another workaround but a proper fix is on the way (it seems)

Testing runs so smooth, I don’t need to check the forum for infos about workarounds or so :grin::sunglasses: just here for wallpapers haha

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Please check if this fixes the issue.

  1. The issue with the USB Sticks dialog is working fine now with this fix, and the automatic mounting is not activated in KDE System Settings

  2. One internal HDD still gives the error when mounting from Dolphin, as previously mentioned. Is an EXT4 - one partition. On reboot is does the same.

  1. I plugged in 2 HDD’s that are +HFS format (i swap those from time to time when i have to get some large files i have there and is quicker that over LAN), and those mount with no error message. After several reboots those two mount with no error message.

It seems that the one that is EXT4 gives this An error occurred while accessing 'HOME' and i wonder if it doesn’t try at first to mount it as /home … but the label is WORK … I will take another HDD (that is also EXT4) from another machine, and see if does the same. I will try to see how it does with a NTFS HDD too.

  1. If i unmount any of the HDD’s, Dolphin is no longer able to properly show the content in that window once i click again on them, to be remounted … Opening another instance/window of Dolphin will work as it should …

Update Edit:

  1. it turns out that internal NTFS HDD mounts with no error message in Dolphin.

  2. another HDD that is BTRFS mounts with no erro message too (i had to make this test too even tho i had to dive into more disassembly stuff)

  3. another EXT4 HDD i have displays the error (while is mounted actually), practically the same thing i mentioned at point 2.

So … what makes that EXT4 HDD’s gives this:
An error occurred while accessing 'HOME' when trying to mount them from Dolphin, while all the other formats work?

I primarily use krusader and mounting external ext4 drives works fine.

Attempt to mount through dolphin I get the same message, however, checking in krusader again (or using lsblk) the external ext4 partition is actually mounted.

Is dolphin attempting to mount this device twice, hence the message that the device is already mounted? Clicking on the device in dolphin after the message and access as usual.

I think it is the second part of the error message that is relevant, trying to mount a partition to a directory that is already mounted.

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Yet i didn’t find the reason why only the EXT4 HDD have this behavior … I find a very old HDD that i could format, so i made a few tests with new partition table and formats:

  1. MSDOS + NTFS > mounts with no message
  2. MSDOS + fat32 > mounts with no message
  3. MSDOS + EXT4 > mounts WITH the message
  4. GUID + EXT4 > mounts WITH the message
  5. GUID + BTRFS > mounts with no message

I would make more test with other formats too, but now i have to take care of something else, then i play more.
As you say, maybe there is a duplicate command in UDISKS2 that is only addressed to EXT4 so it tries to mount it twice ? :thinking:

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The duplication seems only to be relevant for dolphin mounting external ext4 partitions, so something may have changed within udisks2 that dolphin has not yet accounted for.

Manual mounting and mounting through krusader works fine for me.

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If I wait a little, the message don’t pop up. Using Dolphin, If I just open it and click on the device it comes up.

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New point release for stable - so I would say resources are focusing on making that a good one, which is a good thing, so everything good I would say

Lol - missed that XD

Well my 2nd best guess is that its been the week before easter weekend -> many people on holiday that week and the weekend 99% are off work and with families

which would mean that testing would get a lot to test (unless it’s the silence before the storm :wink: )

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i have an issue sir with flameshot … it crashes when i want to save screenshot

Probably the best thing to do is to make a new topic in either Newbies or Technical Issues section. You could start by providing the output of inxi -Fxcz0, whatever terminal output you get from when the problem is occuring and a description of the behaviour and how/when it has changed. (Pretty sure all these updates were merged to the stable branch as of 2 April.) :grinning:

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