[Testing Update] 2017-10-06 - Kernels, Mesa, Xorg-Server, PHP, Python, Haskell



The most shipping themes are so ugly (and breath is the uglyst of all ) โ€ฆ try another one :wink::mage:

Breeze-Dark is quite good with other Icon-Set :mage:

I like sardi for the moment


All good here so far.


Ugly is in the mind o the beholder.
Black themes are what I find ugly. You seem to like them. Good for you.

But how about solving the problems with existing themes rather than just foisting your own tastes? It almost always comes down to a theme not being complete, or having bugs.


With this update, I have system freeze after logging in. The system is responsive but only at about 1 registered click per 5 minutes. :confounded:

I narrowed it down to Nvidia driver issue. I can log in to Gnome wayland (intel) no problems as it is what Iโ€™m using as fallback currently. However, when I attempt Gnome Xorg (nvidia) or Cinnamon (nvidia), immediately I hit the freezing issue. Can I rollback only the nvidia drivers with a command?

[Stable Update] 2017-10-09 - Kernels, Mesa, Xorg-Server, PHP, Python, Haskell

I use nvidia llb from AUR. Have problems with latest nvidia drivers as wellโ€ฆ


What problems did you experience?


Freezing and tw:warhammer has problems as well.


I started having sound issues with Firefox since this update. At first i thought it the site I was on becaue it didnt work on my other machines either. I ran into the same issue today but it was just that sitebut youtube and Crunchyroll as well. Anlybody else run into this. Im using a Dell Latitude e7440p using Xfce