[Testing Update] 2017-09-28 - Firefox-KDE, Palemoon, Timeshift, Kernels



That is good to know. So it will be soon in Arch …


It seems that the update changed the background image of the login screen of the gnome 3 version.
At my unusual dual screen setup it does not fit too well.
Also the font spacing in the password field seems to have reduced slightly.
It would be nice if someone could take a look at this.


The same here.


Yep, i have “branded” gdm background … do you think? … @mnj this is a particular situation … have to change the resolution and check if correct the issue…


While I really appreciate the work you have done on providing a fantastic gnome edition for manjaro, could you please indicate how to revert those cosmetic changes:

  • Wallpaper at login;
  • Manjaro logo for the show application icon, which I preferred (less conspicuous)?



Remove manjaro-gnome-maia-theme or breath revert the changes… of course for the app icon simply logout … for theme a reboot is needed…


I’ve got the same problem…


Could dnsmasq (v=2.78) be please fast-tracked?


I hope I have not missed a announcement - but I am getting a view pacman updates, the last as of right now - and recently (sadly do not know exactly when) I see this warning “Warnung: freetype2: Lokale Version (2.8.1-1) ist neuer als extra (2.8-3)” about freetype2 locally being newer than on the mirror (netzspielplatz)… is there a coincidence?


We have the needed fixes in unstable. testing and stable still have v2.8.0 for given reasons.