[Testing Update] 2017-09-16 - Linux316, Blender, Python, Pamac



Pamac v6.0.1 should fix those reported issues.


Same thing here, except, if you hold down Alt key and grab the top you can move it. Using Xfce.


I can confirm this for 6.0.0 - in the new version all works as expected.

“Erneuerungen” as translation for “Updates” is imho confusing. Just keep “Updates”.


Pamac v6.0.1 GUI resolution is too big for my netbook. With Adwaita-theme I can’t even see the maximize button.


Use Alt and grab anywhere on the window to get to the lower right corner and drag that corner to make the window smaller.


I created a bug report for you.


@banjo: can you go to the bug report and update your resolution. I assume 1024x600, right?


Done, and yes it’s 1024 x 600. Thank you.