[Testing Update] 2017-01-11 - Python3.6, Mesa, Breath-themes, Kernels, Xorg 1.19



So the terminus thing might change back anytime… Stay tuned :wink: I have still not understood how the problem is really created…


Apparently freetype2 is the culprit: https://sourceforge.net/projects/freetype/files/freetype2/2.7.1/

  • PCF family names are made more `colourful’; they now include the
    foundry …


and kazam:

/usr/lib/python3.5/site-packages/ ist in kazam 1.4.5-6 enthalten


kazam is a package from the AUR. You will just have to rebuild it yourself as mentioned above with
yaourt -S kazam


I’m not on testing, but that terminus problem seems to be pretty annoying. It’s my main font for urxvt, and I’d like to know if renaming is enough, while keeping in mind that the name might change again soon.
Reading the Arch forum thread, the problem remains for urxvt even after renaming.

In case this gets pushed to stable without fixes, should I hold the update back? Terminus is vital for me (and my eyes).


There is a quck fix to Terminus font name. See


Update inclusive liblouis and mugshot.
Sometimes System settings crash. But makes not realy problems.

Good so far on Plasma.

Quad core AMD A8-3520M APU with Radeon HD Graphics
Kernel: 4.9.2-1-MANJARO x86_64
Display Server: X.Org 1.18.4 driver: radeon
Desktop: KDE Plasma 5.8.5 (Qt 5.7.1)


fresh freetype2-infinality 2. 7. 1 found here


Thank you for this! The beauty of everything that is Cinnamon plus the rolling force of Manjaro is the best thing I can put on my laptop. Will wait till it reaches stable!

PS: If I install cinnamon-sounds will I have to configure manually which sound will be triggered on which action or do you have that covered for lazy bums like myself? :grin:

PPS: Will it be possible to add the right click uninstall option from the menu as in Mint?


This update is tranquil.
It is stable.
Can be released this week in stable repository. :wink:
In Arch Linux Kernel LTS 4.4.x the system does not lock and is very stable already at the Manjaro there are some complaints in groups brazilians. It has already led some people to switch operating system.
I do not use the version 4.4.x LTS at the Manjaro because of that. If necessary I can create a topic about this after.


IMHO, more replies from NVIDIA users are needed, one @GeorgeCh has got quite severe problems.


I do not use nvidia.
I use Intel only.


Can’t wait to get into stable channel. :smile:


I recommend keeping the latest stable version and downgrading on unstable package repositories.
Focusing on what is working well.
I tested this update on the unstable XFCE is working fine.


I’m having some issues with this update.

After startup ciinnamon crashed immediately. Restarting the desktop or rebooting didn’t help.

Gnome-desktop started, but the panel and osd were completely transparent with arc-gtk-theme.
Guake-terminal didn’t start anymore. Reinstalling arc-gtk-theme und guake didn’t solve the issues.

Unfortunately, I need my machine for work now, so I don’t have time for tracing the issues at the moment.
Thus, I went back to stable for now and everyhing is working as expected again.

I’m using linux49 and I’m on intel-graphics. Anybody else with a similar experience?


Can you post the today’s part of /par/log/pacman.log, please?
If you find time you can run
journalctl > journal.txt
search the time after the broken update and post from there up to the time of the downgrade.


journalctl gives about 9000 lines!

The issue with arc-gtk-theme seems to be related to a svg-file of the theme.

I would prefer to send the files by pm or e-mail.


I’ve an Nvidia Card but since it is Optimus, I effectively only have used the integrated graphics so far, with no problems, will launch a primusrun test this evening.


There are preconfigured default settings (I took the original Linuxmint Cinnamon ones) and you can easily adjust them in the System Settings’ ‘Sound’ dialog :slight_smile: :

That’s not gonna happen so easily with the different way package management works on Arch/Manjaro, I’m afraid :wink: But sooner or later you learn to just LOVE pacman, pamac, yaourt and friends, I promise! :laughing:


No issues on my desktop with KDE and NVIDIA (1060 GTX). And on my laptop running KDE with intel, all clear.

edit: Oh wait I got the same issue as @GeorgeCh on my intel laptop