Testing or Low Level Formatting a SSD


Is it possible to do the above to a SSD suspected of having bad sectors or whatever the SSD equivalent is? The SSD is producing write errors at times and I am wondering if it can be repaired or if I am looking at having to replace it.


The manufacturer might have a special tool for that, but low level formatting doesn’t exist with SSDs AFAIK. There’s just memory cell clearing: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Solid_State_Drives/Memory_cell_clearing

Maybe use smartctltools to check for SMART errors, I think the GUI is called gsmartcontrol or gsmartctl. And make sure the cables are fine - it’s one of the most common causes of errors.


Thanks torvic for your advice.

My son volunteered to have a go at trying to fix the SSD. As the SSD was made by Samsung he looked on the Samsung website and found some diagnostic and erasing software to download. Unfortunately this is one of those times when you can only use a MS PC to perform this. The diagnostic software found that the SSD has only had moderate use and no obvious problem so a complete erase was the only thing left possible to try.

So I have just re-installed Manjaro Cinnamon and it seems to be running ok. I will see how it goes. Pity there is no way to use these tools in linux.