Testers needed manjaro.org

Hi Community,

We have removed a large amount of unneeded code, having an extra eye to spot something that might have been broken that I have missed, live now at the address below.


Quickly clicking around the site, I just noticed that the News section does not get populated after selecting at the top.

Shop - Manjaro Stickers

leads to an empty page.

News is known to be not working.

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We have to talk to our partner, as their content changed.

a fluke - while optimizing the load

Running on Falkon, up-to-date in Testing, I got a red box:

Your browser engine Chrome 73 is out of date.

Update your browser or install a new one for more security, speed and best experience on manjaro.org and other websites.

Tip: In Manjaro you can update your browser using Pamac or Octopi.

That is the new feature we already have in production. Seems not all browsers are listed there.

You browser might be up to date but the engine used by the falcon developers is not, has nothing to do with versions in manjaro repos.

Everything looks alright to me except for the already mentioned news section.

The Card image cap images are missing on the download page.

I updated our main page manjaro.org now. There it all works.

Testers needed for new contact form https://hacked.manjaro.org

Lets us know if you find issues.