Testers needed: Manjaro KDE massive cleanup/rename

I’m using Meta+Enter personally. But it depends on where Meta is located.

Yup, I have two.

About the out-of-sync colour change on inactive windows. I brought over my own copy of the older Breath2Dark colour scheme, and it seems to work perfectly with other, newer components of the Breath theme. And is free of the aforementioned “glitch”.

No, F12 work with my firefox 95, read doc :wink: f12 is not obsolete (exists also for ff and chromium Control+Shift+C…)

maybe devs beginners don’t read docs and only use the shortcut given in menu :wink:

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OK, it is not opens DevTools as DE handles it before it goes into active window to be processed.
Ctrl+Alt+I is universal, F12 does not work in everywhere. To have habit to use F12 only = to bind debugging in the exact browser only.

Yes, a user can memorize all: F12, Ctrl+Shoft+C, for other browser other shortcuts.

A user can memorize universal one combination of Ctrl+Shift+I and to use it almost everywhere (may be not in Safari only). It is a user choice to trash their memory with how-to-open-a-tool-related stuff or with payload-related knowledge after user opened DevTools: to learn more payload actions to do or to learn more unique shortcuts to open tools.

Patrick, which FF are you talking about? FF 12.0 LTS from about 2013 year? If you have a good memory, it does not enough to make you be more effective nowadays :slight_smile:
Switch to modern key combination and look at any modern FF build I believe you already have. :slight_smile:

Built-in into Manjaro (typical/ordinary FF):

~/Desktop ❯ firefox -v
Mozilla Firefox 94.0.2

Let’s revive the yakuake! :partying_face:

The point stands: F12 is actually used by software and having some application occupy it by default sounds like a no-go for me. We can go with Scroll Lock for example which is not used on desktop anyway. Or some key combo. Or having first-run wizard enabled like upstream.

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  • Who needs the package mpd ? It was preinstalled by default. GNOME does not.

  • Why should avahi-daemon be enabled by default? GNOME disabled it by default.

  • Who want to use the resolve service for DNS: openresolv or systemd-resolvconf ? Which is default for future? (Ubuntu and Linux Mint use systemd-resolv)
    [root tip] NordVPN on Manjaro

  • dnsmasg is a duplicate of openresolv? It is not available in KDE Neon.

Artem, I can’t understand what exactly issues prevents yakuake to have F12 hot key as you see them.

The issue is that it breaks UX for some applications. That’s all. I don’t really want to introduce it by myself.

That’s how OpenSUSE presents it as well, the first time you are using yakuake.

Also: don’t we need 2 separate threads already, one for breath/theming the other for yakuake? :joy:

As in the other thread: sddm-breath-theme is from Nov.30, while its metadata.desktop was changed 2 days ago, so you may want to rebuild it otherwise people will still see Breath2 in KDE’s SDDM settings.

What hot key (key combination) for the Yakuake to implement in upcoming Manjaro ISO?

[poll type=multiple results=always chartType=pie]
* To make first-run wizard to make each user to setup their own hot key.
* Meta + F12.
* Meta + Enter.
* "Scroll Lock" button (but first be sure that you personally have it).
* I will suggest the exact shortcut key combination very-very soon in some post above.
* I do not know what exact hot key to suggest.

Note that this post is wiki post.

  1. Prior voting starts you can edit options as you like to have more representative results.

  2. Somebody should start the poll voting process by removing the code blocks in it. If nobody will remove the code blocks of the suggested poll, then perhaps seems to be only me want this poll to start.

  3. The poll was constructed to register multiple options to be chosen at the same time from the same user, so you able to chose several possible variants for you.

@LordTermor, to add F12 hot key option is the bad idea, right?

Ctrl+Alt+T has often been used as a default for opening terminals.
I have always preferred it as Super+T
(along with all the others Super+F=FileManager, Super+W=Browser, Super+E=TextEditor, etc)
For whatever thats worth :innocent:

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No need to discuss too long about changing default shortcut of yakuake in ISO,
just let people change it themselves, if it does not fit.


This is exactly what I came to after some thoughts. So be it.

Konsole is preinstalled and uses the standard shortcut for terminals, ctrl+alt+t. Why would you want or need two terminal emulators installed, especially by default?

As has been explained already, it is one terminal emulator with two different methods of invoking it ─ one that runs in the background and rolls down from the top of the screen, and one that has a standalone window. But they are both the same terminal emulator.

And, as has also been explained already, you always have at least one and possibly two other terminal emulators installed, because xterm and uxterm come installed as part of the X.Org package, and as far as I know, you cannot uninstall them without breaking X.Org .

Therefore, complaining about the installed number of terminal emulators is moot.


No - separate package xterm

Maybe xorg did depend on xterm - but not as of today.

It occupies very little space and I have been in situations where nothing worked - and xterm was the rescue - but that was a long time ago - my padawan time - sorry - I still am a padawan :slight_smile:


Sorry if it has been already answered, but why has the breath icon theme been removed ? (The breeze icon theme, with its blue hue and all, doesn’t quite fit well with Breath global theme).
Also, when will the yakuake themes showcased by @LordTermor be availalable for the users to use?

Breath icon theme removed because it was not updated for ages and has some broken and bad-looking icons.

Breeze now supports colour schemes and folder icons are being colored in your theme accent colours.

Yakuake should be in unstable repo already I suppose? I’m not really into packaging, will ask about it.

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Yes, it is there. Sorry, my bad.

Yes, they are. But the icon of Dolphin itself (along with Kate and a few others) are blue that match with the Breeze theme, but not with Manjaro’s Breath theme and thus are a mismatch in the otherwise default green theming. That’s what I wanted to say.

Older Breath

Current Breeze

I am currently on the unstable branch just because I like to be bleeding edge. What is it you need me to do?