Testers needed: Manjaro KDE massive cleanup/rename

I think @LordTermor said he would bring yakuake back.

Technically it’s one. Yakuake is just a skin for Konsole.

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Not only that, but there already are other terminal emulators installed, which I believe would come supplied with X.Org.

On my system here, I’ve got xterm and uxterm installed, and I sure didn’t install those myself.

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Is there a Breeze/Breath GTK Theme for Plasma?

Just got this screen after an update. Is it an upstream change or did @LordTermor did it? Whoever did this, it’s a nice touch, good job! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I removed skipping a first setup from config.

Breeze-gtk is in the repo, the breath theme is already installed

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In new images (post-21.1) breeze-gtk is installed by default.

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Steam screenshots. Firefox dev tools.

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Okay, if we’re going to be pedantic…

  • Not everyone using Manjaro is a web developer.

  • Not everyone using Manjaro is a gamer.

  • A terminal emulator is an indispensable component of every graphical environment running on top of a UNIX system, and every user will sooner or later have to make use of it, whether they want to or not.

So, is it then preferable to change a certain default shortcut for a system component that virtually every Plasma user will be using in favor of something very specific that only a subset of our user base will be using?


Just keep F12 as default for yakuake in ISO.

Let people change the default shortcut themselves if they don’t like it after Manjaro KDE installation.


I feel the pain, hitting F12 during CSgo is a reflex I’ve had to suppress.

Thank you, Bogdan! :hugs:

In which web browsers do you have problems with F12 does not open yakuake?

ungoogled chromium

are not affected: I bringed their window active one by one and tested in those 3 browsers: I see my global shortcut F12 to call konsole works well and does not open DevTools of web browser. F12 is obsolete shortcut to open devtools in IE6 may be in IE11, which is a years obsolete. May be F12 was in FireFox some day ago.

Why to do not use classical Ctrl+Alt+I to open DevTools and to introduce issue where it should not be?

Modern frontend developers does not use F12 to open Devtools as is initialy works not in every browser and there is universal key combination to open it in most current browsers (I do not know how about Safari).

I believe that F12 should be will good for yakuake. Please keep it for the app.

Breath GTK theme is no more.

I changed my Yakuake bind to Meta+F12. Takes care of both Steam and Firefox conflicts, and is still pretty easy to perform.

I’m using Meta+Enter personally. But it depends on where Meta is located.

Yup, I have two.

About the out-of-sync colour change on inactive windows. I brought over my own copy of the older Breath2Dark colour scheme, and it seems to work perfectly with other, newer components of the Breath theme. And is free of the aforementioned “glitch”.

No, F12 work with my firefox 95, read doc :wink: f12 is not obsolete (exists also for ff and chromium Control+Shift+C…)

maybe devs beginners don’t read docs and only use the shortcut given in menu :wink:

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OK, it is not opens DevTools as DE handles it before it goes into active window to be processed.
Ctrl+Alt+I is universal, F12 does not work in everywhere. To have habit to use F12 only = to bind debugging in the exact browser only.

Yes, a user can memorize all: F12, Ctrl+Shoft+C, for other browser other shortcuts.

A user can memorize universal one combination of Ctrl+Shift+I and to use it almost everywhere (may be not in Safari only). It is a user choice to trash their memory with how-to-open-a-tool-related stuff or with payload-related knowledge after user opened DevTools: to learn more payload actions to do or to learn more unique shortcuts to open tools.

Patrick, which FF are you talking about? FF 12.0 LTS from about 2013 year? If you have a good memory, it does not enough to make you be more effective nowadays :slight_smile:
Switch to modern key combination and look at any modern FF build I believe you already have. :slight_smile:

Built-in into Manjaro (typical/ordinary FF):

~/Desktop ❯ firefox -v
Mozilla Firefox 94.0.2

Let’s revive the yakuake! :partying_face:

The point stands: F12 is actually used by software and having some application occupy it by default sounds like a no-go for me. We can go with Scroll Lock for example which is not used on desktop anyway. Or some key combo. Or having first-run wizard enabled like upstream.

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