Testers needed: Manjaro KDE massive cleanup/rename

There are 4 types of contrast in art/design:

  • color
  • size
  • shape
  • positional

Still no example to showcase what you mean by that? But do it with color, because we can’t only talk in balck and white … :sweat_smile:
Full black and full white should be avoided on any graphical elements of the UI … and arguably text should be the same.

Yes, i do work in an environment that is more towards a darkroom, almost like traditional photography studio, except the red light :joy: … otherwise my eyes will fail after 5 hours in front of the computer and i need to work almost 12 hours every day.

It is normal with dark themes to be less obvious, like any darker color will not emit as much light but instead absorb it, at least that is how is in nature, but with screens is also a problem of color profiles, lamp or led luminosity and temperature. My two screens are not identical, and in order for me to see the same thing i had to shift things in a very peculiar way because the calibration i used was giving me something i could not rely on at all.

Anyway, thanks for your patience so far. Will look more into this. I’m planning to identify each elements based on this and follow the default Blender 3 interface as has a proper contrast for everything, and that be used as a base also when the UI (not only the accents) can then get some coloration …


Small thing I noticed since it’s being cleaned up. Lock screen password field has Manjaro green border around. Will it get color-aware borders? Is this KDE change request or Manjaro change request?

If you are talking about zsh update then it’s just a different shell, nothing that would work not as it should.

They are gone because they are not updated in years, miss many things Breeze now has (like new icon sizes and improved visuals for existing ones) and all of this just because we have some differently-colored icons.

Yes it was a big update and I really tried to avoid issues but KDE is way too customizable and I can’t guess all settings set by user.

Not hating Manjaro because it tries to do things better == hivemind?

Other topics do not really belong to this thread but I can say they are quite minor and all are fixed already for some time. Yes, this is clearly a lack of QA from our end but we’ve learned these lessons already and there’s just no literal reason to keep reposting this. Everyone already read it too much times.


I only meant color contrast nothing else , anyway leave it :sweat_smile:

I like the old black and green yakuake theme, the all-black theme seems not very easy to look

PS: Will there be a new wallpaper in new Breath?

We have some surprise for the next year. For now you can check out our Four Seasons wallpapers:


Every time I run yay -Syu I am getting the following message:

:: Searching AUR for updates…
→ Missing AUR Packages: breath2-wallpaper

Is this package replaced by something else?

I noticed that vi is preinstalled by default, but it is terrible, because it does not fit arrow keys in keyboard. :man_facepalming:
I switched vi to vim that works fine with arrow keys.


Maybe you can replace vi with vim, then alias vi=vim.

Hi there,
since last update, I have the following problem:

What should I do?

It seems you manually were changing SDDM theme using KDE System Settings. Just open System Settings/Startup and Shutdown/SDDM and set Breath theme.

The following is a workaround, because the Breath2 theme no longer exists, and the default Manjaro theme is now Breath.

Switch to a character-mode tty with Ctrl+Alt+F3 and log in as yourself. Then, issue the following command… :arrow_down:

cd /usr/share/themes
sudo ln -s Breath breath2
systemctl reboot

After rebooting and logging in, select Breath as the sddm theme in System Settings.

Workspace → Startup and Shutdown → Login Screen (SDDM)

Once that is done, you can remove the symlink again later. :arrow_down:

sudo rm /usr/share/themes/breath2

errr what? no.
those are two different applications … you dont alias chromium to chrome.

SDDM should be operational even with default fallback theme. No need of wizarding with TTY.

Not normally, but my ~/.bashrc did ship with… :arrow_down:

alias more=less

more and less are also two very different things. less allows you to page up and down, and to do a search for a string. more is similar to cat, but with a prompt to press a key for seeing the next page when the screen is full.

Yes normally … I understand that vim is bassically beefed-up vi … but they are literally 2 different packages … one of which is part of core

Yeah, which is also dumb. So is the one for free -m And so was the one breaking bash autocomplete … I wonder if its still there …

Yep, I got rid of that one. :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean this one? :arrow_down:

complete -cf sudo

That was a culprit, and its commented out here … but I think there was more.

I use this, which I think there is a poorer version of now implemented in newer installs…

[[ $PS1 && -f /usr/share/bash-completion/bash_completion ]] && . /usr/share/bash-completion/bash_completion

But simply removing that other line is enough to make it work better :wink:

Mine has this ─ not my doing; it was there by default… :arrow_down:

[ -r /usr/share/bash-completion/bash_completion ] && . /usr/share/bash-completion/bash_completion

Yup, like I said … newer things now have a poorer version of above … but its better than the cf one.
I wonder … does it work with sudo for example ?

$ sudo pacm <TAB>
pacman             pacman-db-upgrade  pacman-mirrors     
pacman-conf        pacman-key         pacmd              
$ sudo pamac up <TAB>
update   upgrade  

Well, with the complete line ─ which sits farther down in the file ─ it only works if I know the exact file I want to work on, because if said file is in a directory I don’t have read access too, then it won’t work.

And, I have to hit Tab twice.