Testers needed for the new release of gnome edition

New gnome release is coming, and we have some major changes coming up.

  • Moving to oem style install: On installation, you only install system. User accounts and language are set only on installed system during the welcome tour. This will make it easier if you setup manjaro for someone other than yourself
  • New layouts, keybindings and tiling options

Please test and provide feedback.

The test iso is available here:


Hey Chrys, it’s looking really good! However here is some feedback:

  • The install launcher launched in Greek, even though the rest of the OS was in English. Try to make it consistent, so either Greek/Greek or English/English
  • I don’t see the point of Caffeine, honestly I would remove it, unless there is very good reason
  • Screenshot as a an icon is kinda meh - I would either remove it entirely or replace it with something more useful like Layouts so noobs can experience different styles
  • Layout switcher when switching to Classic shows desktop icons (which is correct). However there were 3 items with .icon extension and no icon on them which looked awkward. If possible remove or fix those.

That’s all from me (from a quick look) rest is great as always!


Great news. It was the option who was missing in Manjaro :smiley:

Is that option will be available in the others editions : KDE,Xfce, …, or, is that option will be available in Gnome edition only ?

I really want to see it in the installation of Manjaro KDE. :wink:

It can be done with others too. With gnome we are using gnome-initial-setup, but with others we would use calamares instead. This what we already do in machines with preinstalled Manjaro.

Ok. Hope that it will available everywhere. :wink: