[Test] Manjaro JWM Oncremmer 17.dev (Code 281116)

The Manjaro community is proud to announce for testing the Manjaro JWM Edition 17.dev - Code 281116 - Gellivara, codemane Oncremmer. JWM (Joe’s Window Manager) is a lightweight stacking window manager for the X Window System written by Joe Wingbermuehle. JWM is written in C and uses only Xlib at a minimum. Configuration is accomplished by editing an XML file - no graphical configuration tools are provided. Our well-known tools are included in a mix of fresh artwork from our community. This release comes with our advanced graphical installer Calamares as well as our text-based CLI-Installer. Stable branch was used to create the install media. The system boot mean is 160MB of RAM usage. Already ISO size mean is 785MB. For more information please read the Manjaro JWM User Orientation Guide (Menu > Help > Manjaro > Manjaro JWM User Orientation Guide).


• Dynamic Menu JWM;
• Three new CLI tools (Manjaro JWM Post Installation; Configuration Tool for Touchpad/Moniotr and Information System GNU/Linux);
• New art;
• Update Manjaro JWM User Orientation Guide.


• Kernel (4.8.9-1);
• JWM (2.3.6).


• Pacli Package Manager (Pacli);
• Configuration Tool for JWM (JWMConf);
• Manjaro JWM Post Installation (MJWMPost);
• Configuration Tool for Touchpad/Moniotr (TouchMon);
• Information System GNU/Linux.


• Calamares;
• CLI.


• abiword-gtk2;
• cbatticon;
• compton
• conky;
• deadbeef;
• Feh;
• gnumeric
• i3lock;
• lxdm;
• manjaro settings manager;
• medit;
• mhwd;
• pcmanfm;
• palemoon;
• prelink;
• preload;
• sakura;
• xchat; etc.


• Collection Wallpapers CremmerAirplane;
• GTK Oncremmer;
• Icon FaenzaFlattr-Black Theme;
• Icon Oblogout DarkOncremmer;
• JWM Oncremmer Theme;
• LXDM Oncremmer Theme.

To download the isos to access the link https://sourceforge.net/projects/holmeslinux/files/Manjaro%20JWM%2016.dev/Code%20281116/. Please verify the downloaded ISO files with the provided checksum before installation!

kind regards, Holmes
Maintainer Manjaro JWM Community Edition


I tested the ISO in live mode, booting the ISO from disk with Grub (misolabel=MJRO17DE for those who are interested).
{Excuse my use of imperative form. Not meant as commands, but as suggestions.}

  • Great smooth colours, much more eye friendly than before!:rainbow: I will copy the config, got tired of dark themes. But I hate the squashed JWM logo in the centre of the wallpaper, it shouldbetter have the right proportions.
  • Add a file /etc/modprobe.d/pcspkr.conf with blacklist pcspkr to disable stupid sounds for wrong keyboard input.
  • Add a menu item or a shortcut (add it to the list on the wallpaper) for xterm -e nmtui to connect to WiFi.
  • No way to get the root menu with a maximized window, add s.th. to the panel for user friendliness. Edit: My easiest solution was to leave a pixel to the left of the tray: ~/.jwm/tray edit <Tray x="1"
  • You have the CLI installer in the menu, but past 16.08 version it stopped working in my tests, failing to mount squash.fs or s.th.
  • The CLI app “IS” is working fine.
  • When I select option 1 in JWMConf I get an error in the terminal, but it works anyway:

/usr/bin/jwmconf: line 145: ech: command not found
Operation complete! To return to JWMconf press [Enter]

It should be probably echo not ech in line 145 in /usr/bin/jwmconf?

  • Maybe add a line application/xml=medit.desktop; to the bottom of ~/.config/mimeapps.list so the config files not get opened by the browser.
  • In Pacli (your’s is quite cool with so many options) you can try calling pacman-mirrors with --geoip option.
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hello @eugen-b

1- i’ll see @Beto to change!
2- i already added it to the profile.
3- i’ll add a shortcut.
4- i did not understand this! what would it be?
5- i do not know why this occurs. will more people be having this problem?
6- good!
7- i have done the fix.
8- already added this line to the indicated file.
9- would you replace pacman-mirrors -g with pacman-mirrors -m rank --geoip?

thanks @eugen-b for your comments!

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:

4- Your previous version had a menu button, that would be nice to have again. Or shift the panel to the right 1 pixel to make it possible to click the desktop in the top left corner.

5- I first time noticed the problem with the CLI installer here:

Before that with 16.08 version of cli-installer it produced (reliably) this error:

9- I think method rank is default.


i will leave as pacman-mirrors -g.

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:

One more small issue: When booting live first LXDM appears, but forwards you automatically after two seconds to the desktop.

hello mate @eugen-b
yes, it is programmed with 5 seconds.
then enters automatically.

what do you think?

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:

Time to download, :grinning:

Downloaded JWM 16.08.

I kept getting kernel panics in a VM last night. Tonight I installed it on hardware and can’t get my internet working. The checkmarks in the right click menu you get at he panel icon are all very light … not dark like they should be. When I try and open the network manager in my menu not5hing happens…

I tried the VMs on 2 boxes -same thing.

As for the network manager… I haven’t a clue.

This is on a Toshiba Sattelite 64bit
500G HDD
2.something dual coreprocessor/

Was running VB on 3.18 on Manjaro when I was having trouble with Kernel Panics.

did you check the iso numbering?

i did not understand!

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:

thank you @DanieleBuda

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:


Thank you for your work and your sacrifices. I’m honored! :slight_smile:


I can’t get it to even start from a live usb. I’ve downloaded it twice but it just won’t boot. It gets halfway there and stops. I know its my nvidia graphic card as it doesn’t have a choice to select non free on booting from the usb. I tried an earlier version as well. The same thing happened.
Error 110 thats all I get on my screen

the theme is very ugly. i really liked the dark ones MUCH better!

i have no idea what it is.

pamonha, pamonha fresquinha…

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:

I tried JWM (for the first time ever!) and I really like it. It is nice that you put so many different shortcuts on desktop, helps out beginner a lot.

Also, with all the info scripts you packed together, JWM live distro can be used as quick hardware information distro you carry around… While I understand all those commands are available through terminal, beginners don’t know about them and using your menus really simplify things.

One thing I noticed is, there were no network icon in taskbar. So I couldn’t click on it and pick my wireless network from it. I was able to connect by going into network connections and set up wi-fi connection manually. After that computer connected to wi-fi, but there was no notification about the successful connection.

When I tried Tempura 16.10, there was icon for network connections in task manager (or however is in Linux called that tray) and I could connect by simply clicking on it and select proper network. Also when connection was established, I got confirmation pop-up.

Both versions I tried with live USB sticks only. (32 bit - old computer)
For some reason both installation failed. Files copied, no errors but HDD will not boot. I tried with latest i3 and it is the same so it is not distro related and I will open new subject for this. maybe something with Calamares?!?..

Maybe one request? :slight_smile:
Since your distro has already bigger size than it would fit on CD, maybe wouldn’t be bad idea to have gparted included by default? That way I could reset partition table and manually set partitions and see if that would help. Ups, thinking about it, i could just install gparted on live USB anyway, I think. Will try this next time.

Same with i3, I can only use older versions that still has Cli, cli install works OK, Calamares does not

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glad you liked it.
the network manager added a key combination (mod4 + n), see

about the installation (Calamares) problem i do not know why this occurs. @oberon and @philm should know!

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:

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