Terminal Shenanigans

Ok, maybe some other posts can be moved here…
This thread is for discussing some of the ‘new’ software people find to replace well known/older ones.

Ok, so first up…
then exa
and now it seems lsd is the way to go. It’s certainly faster.

This using Ligconsolata 12pt font.

For lots of bloat, get 13 aur/nerd-fonts-complete 2.1.0-6 [+159 ~5.94] [Installed]

Is that necessary for lsd/exa? I have both and they look fine. At lease to me. But the font doesn’t seem to be installed:

$ pamac search  nerd-fonts-complete
nerd-fonts-complete-mono-glyphs          2.1.0-1  AUR
Iconic font aggregator, collection, & patcher. 3,600+ icons, 50+ patched fonts. (Mono glyphs only)
nerd-fonts-complete          2.1.0-6  AUR
Iconic font aggregator, collection, & patcher. 3,600+ icons, 50+ patched fonts.

Actually, I think Ligconsolata stands head and shoulders above - maybe I should remove the nerd fonts, as they are spamming up my font lists…
I’ll edit to strike it through I think.

Ligconsolata certainly looks nice with neofetch…

I think installing lsd pulled in ttf-nerd-fonts-symbols, can’t remember off the top of my head.

So I did
sudo pacman -Rdd nerd-fonts-complete and removed 2GB of fonts!!!
Then installed lsd again to pull in nerd-fonts-symbols.

That does make sense, yes. But it’s not installed by itself.

For some reason lsd sucks for me…

I really like that it has a config file to preset some things
But lsd -a just seems to hang, then complains Permission denied (os error 13).

I also set it in my .zshrc for changing directories, but whilst exa works, again - many errors from lsd (for example in Dolphin also) whereas exa gives a clean list every time…

I guess there’s something weird going on. @Yochanan can you run lsd -a and see how it goes for you?

No issues here.

Nailed it - stupid error.

# == Total size ==
# Whether to display the total size of directories.
# Possible values: false, true
total-size: false

Config file, I changed it to ‘true’.
Happy now, because I prefer lsd to exa…

Cool. However, I certainly miss some font here, for exa; this is how folder’s icons are displayed:


Wich font I need to install?

I’d need to install awesome-terminal-fonts; maybe would be a nice idea mark this package as proposed dependency :slight_smile:

It is not needed, I don’t have this and still have icons, it fixes your issue but THIS package is not required at all: https://i.imgur.com/443z2UF.png

As I installed it, all the icons were properly displayed:


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Yes it fixes your issue. Still this is not required to have this package. Probably many other fonts provide icons.

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Ok. But what about the fact that I needed this font to see the icons displayed by exa?

Sure, obviously, but at least something sould be indicated.
I mean in pamac/pacman, I didn’t refered to the suggestion of Ben, to be clear.

Yep, since I am on the forum, I have the habit to edit my posts. :wink: