Terminal "history -c" impossible

Somehow I cannot delete my terminal history. “history -c” is not working.
How can I delete this by a command?

history -c is for bash. history on zsh seems different: shows some latest used commands.

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rm ~/.zshrc

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OMG, I didn’t even recognize, this is ZSH (since I didn’t know to this point, there are different shell types).

BTW: “history -p” works like “history -c” aswell

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This broke somehow my zsh.
Is there an option to configure my zsh like its coming out of the box with the installer?

Oops, I gave you totally wrong command. To fix this:

 cp /etc/skel/.zshrc ~/

the right command would have been

 rm ~/.zhistory

Sorry for giving you wrong information

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Both are working. :slight_smile: