Terminal Games in Linux Manjaro


I was wondering if there is any game in terminal like sudoku or similar,that you can install an play.I have seen in linux ubuntu alot of these things,games in terminal.Is it possible to install here ,on my new linux manjaro.Im not a regular gamer,I just want some casual game to play…Thanks in advance…


You can try to install them using to ways: first try pacman -S . The package name being what you typed in after apt install or if that says it’s not found that means it is not in the repos and therefore you can use pamac build which will pull it from the aur


Yes I know about installing in terminal using pacman command…but I will have to search it trough aur if I find any…


You can search the Manjaro repository through pamac-gui - ‘add/remove software’ > categories > games.

Each game has a description (some very short :woman_shrugging:) and an upstream webpage that you can see by right-clicking and selecting ‘details’.


There are tons…

And there are also tons of articles about them and search engines to find them …


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Ok thanks for your respones…They were helpfull…

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