Terminal font confusion

Running KDE manjaro right now not to sure whats going on I installed OTF's for a font in the font manager I see them there but when I go to terminal and click on edit profile in settings go over to font I never see it. This font even when I click show all fonts doesn't show up so not sure why it isn't showing up any advice for this?

Terminals really only support unicode/bitmap fonts.
Are your fonts compatible with a terminal environment?

You didn't use pacman (or whatever) to install the font?


What font is this? It should show up when checking "All fonts", so probably it's something strange or not...

For the record, terminal compatible fonts are monospace. In Konsole font setting, there is a small button (well minified, so it is not easy to notice) that remarks this. :wink:

ok sure .. they must be unicode, bitmap, and monospaced :wink:
[yes yes, I forgot the term at the time. :shushing_face:]

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It is fantasque sans I couldn't figure out how to install via pacman. It does say mono so I assume it could be used in terminal but it looks more of a programming font than a terminal font so maybe it's not intended for terminal.

Check the Manjaro repos. This is from Arch:

pacman -Ss fantasque
community/otf-fantasque-sans-mono 1.8.0-1
    OTF font family with a great monospaced variant for programmers
community/ttf-fantasque-sans-mono 1.8.0-1
    TTF font family with a great monospaced variant for programmers

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