Temporary Artix support thread



Any updates on full disk encryption support?


Any idea how things are going in regards to package completion on Artix? For example at the moment I cannot install things like Steam in my Artix VM and so am holding off on switching my actual install. But not sure how long I can keep putting that off if the OpenRC packages for Manjaro aren’t being updated anymore.


What do you mean? Just enable the arch repos by uncommenting some lines (multilib) in your pacman.conf and then you can install steam (arch’s version by the way)



The Artixlinux forum has opened.


Migration from manjaro openrc

No English?


And no access… At least there is IRC…
This must be hosted at the same place as the original migration guide, it hates my IP/ISP/Country.
Whatever ElkArte even is.


Same here, no access


English? Really, my Mother talked German very well, but I never learned it :slight_smile:


I was able to install btrfs + LUKS with the last ISO: all smooth.

The main “problem” I’ve, right now, is that nouveau don’t work on my pc (screen grabbed) so I’ve to imanually connect via wifi and to download the nvidia 304 driver. Shall be usefull to add this opportunity to the installation parameters.


It’s probably not a great idea to announce things as “open” before they’re ready to use…


Reality is the best test. :exploding_head:


It was almost my last action on manjaro forums.
i was told the forum is online, and before I forget to announce it on manjaro, I did it right now.

Give it some time, or you start to learn the language of your ancestors.


So, any way to know why or how we can solve the access to it ? The ping is good, but no browser reaches it :slight_smile:

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How so? Did god tell us to speak english only?
Our team is multilingual, and I have no business with setting up the forum, another German and Dutch guy do that.

I am afraid, I don’t speak Italian, but I could understand russian or French.

Are you a bit arrogant here? German is a beautiful and precise language, and if you somehow feel insulted if you are told to learn the language of your Mother, perhaps from South Tyrol, I dunno why that is.


For me it worked with a proxy, same issue as that site where the original migration guide was posted. Someone obviously went overkill blocking IPs. Being in German can at least be handled by google translation, but this doesn’t feel like an Artix forum with that “ElkArte Test” name on it.

Well it defaults to English now. And the draconian IP block seems to be lifted. Now how do you make a new account… Oh i see there is supposed to be a register button on top but this is disabled.


Is there anyway to register form the forum?


Yes its now up and running I just registered all is fine :smile:


lol no artix forum? so great ;:slight_smile:


Ringo its here

I know i’m a registered member