Telegram not starting

Telegram is not even showing up. I tried running telegram-desktop in konsole. It returned the following output

(telegram-desktop:16): lib_base-WARNING **: 12:38:34.718: Unfortunately, GTK integration conflicts with qgtk2 platformtheme and style. Therefore, QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME and QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE will be unset.
lib_base-Message: 12:38:34.720: This can be ignored by setting DESKTOP_APP_I_KNOW_ABOUT_GTK_INCOMPATIBILITY environment variable to any value, however, if qgtk2 theme or style is used, this will lead to a crash.
lib_base-Message: 12:38:34.720: GTK integration can be disabled by setting DESKTOP_APP_DISABLE_GTK_INTEGRATION to any value. Keep in mind that this will lead to some features being unavailable.
(telegram-desktop:16): Telegram-WARNING **: 12:38:34.720: Application was built without embedded fonts, this may lead to font issues.

Thank you in advance

Those are warnings, and quite known, nothing to prevent from working. Make sure telegram is not running in the background. Try to restart you session or reboot the system.

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