Telegram-desktop autostart in tray


Telegram-desktop with autostart, minimized settings enabled, opens with a window.

Already tried to write the -startintray parameter in .config/autostart/*telegram.desktop

Update: -startintray is a telegram-desktop option and works correctly from the terminal, but when used in xdg autostart doesn’t work. In the .desktop file, only the -autostart option is generally written when starting tg

I have no experience with it - I don’t use it.
Neither do I use Gnome.

reading this:

Run Telegram Desktop in background without displaying a tray icon · Issue #16062 · telegramdesktop/tdesktop · GitHub

it seems to be a matter of what Gnome tray extension is in use
and whether Gnome runs under Wayland or X11

… it’s not the first comment - a bit further down

Perhaps that info helps?

I won’t be able to provide better - I don’t use either and can only google. …

I’m not a GNOME user, but in KDE Plasma, if you minimize telegram-desktop to the tray and you log out or shut down the machine without closing telegram-desktop, then the next time you log in and start the application, it’ll automatically start minimized in the tray. :man_shrugging: