Telefoniert Manjaro nach Hause?


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mir ist aufgefallen, dass sobald ich mein Netzwerk verbinde, mein Manjaro eine DNS Anfrage auf “” stellt und dann eine Hand voll TCP und HTTP Pakete mit dem Ziel austauscht.

Mit Wireshark kann man das beobachten. Was ist das für Traffic?

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pacman checking for updates ?


nein, nein und nein!

NetworkManager use an Arch Linux server to check if it is online.

No information - what-so-ever - is transmitted.


Das ist der NetworkManager, hat nichts mit Manajro zu tun.


@mbod I already checked that. Manjaro is using different URLs for its mirrors.

@fhdk @xabbu You’re god damn right! I wrote that in my 20-connectivity.conf now:

So now, Manjaro is not calling that address anymore.

Tanks for help! :slight_smile:


Das ist eine schlechte Idee, falls du nicht einen Webserver auf localhost betreibst. NM erwart eine Antwort von der URL, damit die Prüfung stimmt. Verwende besser


Ohne eine IP oder URL um die Prüfung abzuschalten.

If this option is blank or missing, connectivity checking is disabled.


@xabbu Danke für die Info. Ich hab das nun entsprechend angepasst.


Bitte m-i-s-100 :slight_smile:

Merke gerade ich muss noch ne deutsche Version machen :wink:


Aside from the requesters ip-address? Which could provide hints to who’s requesting.
Would also allow to measure popularity of Arch/Manjaro by counting unique addresses which frequently request the file.

Not an issue to me but good to know…I wonder what one would lose in terms of ease of use if the Manjaro default was to turn this off…but that’s another thread I guess.


The users ip address is not transmitted. The availability of the IP address to the server for the client visiting is an unavoidable consequence of the internet infrastructure.

When I say No information - what-so-ever - is transmitted it is to be understood that we are talking about information deliberately transmitted to a receiving entity, with the purpose of phoning-home - and no such transmissions are part of Manjaro.

Any time you connect to the internet and browse a webpage or downloading from an ftp server - any action you do on the internet will always leave your fingerprint whether you like it or not.

Anyone that paranoid should stop using the internet.


Understood, and agreed.

But I still think it is important to know if my system contacts 3rd party websites without me actively navigating to these sites.
Under GDPR websites ask for your consent that your IP is stored in logs etc., none of this happens here.
Interesting subject, can we somehow split the thread and take this further in a separate thread?

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