Tel: links not working

I use Thunderbird for my email client. When I click on a tel: number it gives me the options of choosing an app to open it. Sometimes it asks me for Skype or GS Connect. When I had Linphone installed it would include that also. However, GS Connect, I’m assuming, is for Android (I’m assuming this because I can find zero documentation anywhere online for GSConnect), and I have an iPhone which doesn’t work with it. If I select Linphone nothing happens so I’ve deleted Linphone, a very buggy program that can’t even make a call even when configured properly and this included when I dial manually using linphone on my iPhone or linphone on Manjaro. However, when clicking on Skype, it used to open Skype and then the number would import and all I had to do then was click to make the call. But now, on some links, it doesn’t even give Skype as an option to check and I can’t find skype under choose other applications. And other times, now when Skype is an option, it often won’t do anything at all making the tel: link useless. Is this another Wayland/Xorg problem or is this resolvable?

BTW, setting up the Telephone Number Detection add on in Firefox works when I turn numbers into skype links but won’t work when I set those numbers up as tel: links and defaulting to opening Skype. So tel: links no long work.

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I like to reopen this issue, as I have the same problem:

On Webpages, there are “tel:+49123456654654” for Phone-Numbers. IF you click on it, it should open the default Phone-App.

If I do click on it, I see the message, that it try to open the Number by Linphone:

But after click on “open with Linphone” Button, there is an error:


If I call kioclient5 exec tel: on CLI, I got:

kioclient5 exec tel:
qt.core.logging: Ignoring malformed logging rule: '’*=false’'
qt.core.logging: Ignoring malformed logging rule: '’*=false’'
command= "/home/me/AppImage-Applications/Linphone-4.4.9.appimage" args= ("/home/me/AppImage-Applications/Linphone-4.4.9.appimage", "tel:")
kf.kio.core: Protocol Class of url QUrl("tel:") , isn't ':local', cancelling job.
Copying QUrl("tel:")  to QUrl("file:///home/me/.cache/kioexec/krun/23197_0/unnamed")
kf.kio.core: couldn't create worker: "Unbekanntes Protokoll „tel“."
kf.kio.workers.file: readData() returned -1
All files downloaded, will call slotRunApp shortly
No files downloaded -> exiting

How to fix this?

This particular issues are not quite the purpose of this forum, and coming back after 2 years with the same question, is quite funky … but here is something for you to read about that might help with your issue:

Because that is a Gnome extension to adopt the original project done for KDE Plasma and
You can go trough ad read about it and down that page there is a link to the wiki, where there is also a link to apple store for the app that works for iOS.

You tagged Gnome and mentioned GSConnect, but then you show a KDE Plasma interface pupup-window screenshot and also the use of kioclient5 from the kde-cli-tools that actually runs under KDE Plasma session … So, did you had the inspiration mix the two DE’s and expect things to properly work?

Linphone-5.0.15.appimage is available on their site …

I’ve fixed it now this way:
I remove the self installed AppImage file, and choose the one from package-manager:

Then I’ve removed any linphone-.desktop files in /home/me/.local/share/applications

Then it works as expected