Tel: links not working

I use Thunderbird for my email client. When I click on a tel: number it gives me the options of choosing an app to open it. Sometimes it asks me for Skype or GS Connect. When I had Linphone installed it would include that also. However, GS Connect, I’m assuming, is for Android (I’m assuming this because I can find zero documentation anywhere online for GSConnect), and I have an iPhone which doesn’t work with it. If I select Linphone nothing happens so I’ve deleted Linphone, a very buggy program that can’t even make a call even when configured properly and this included when I dial manually using linphone on my iPhone or linphone on Manjaro. However, when clicking on Skype, it used to open Skype and then the number would import and all I had to do then was click to make the call. But now, on some links, it doesn’t even give Skype as an option to check and I can’t find skype under choose other applications. And other times, now when Skype is an option, it often won’t do anything at all making the tel: link useless. Is this another Wayland/Xorg problem or is this resolvable?

BTW, setting up the Telephone Number Detection add on in Firefox works when I turn numbers into skype links but won’t work when I set those numbers up as tel: links and defaulting to opening Skype. So tel: links no long work.