Teclast X4 - should i even try?

Hey guys, there is that cheap and pretty ok tablet (teclast x4). comes with windows and everything works fine on windows. was thinking to install linux, manjaro was 1st thought.
However on a 4pda forum people didnt have good experience with touch screen and some other stuff on various linux distributions. Also i see this Teclast X16 Pro - ArchWiki which pretty much means much older x16 pro isnt fully supported with Arch…
Should i even try to install manjaro on a fresh X4? Or just forget about it and carry on with windows there, i mostly use it as a terminal for remote desktop (chrome or x2go). I need all the stuff (touch, bluetooth, camera and so on and so forth) working, not just basic functionality.


Since there is a linux driver for touchscreen

I guess is possible to install Manjaro on it. You might see that image on the screen is flipped to portrait mode when installing linux, and the screen sensor might stop working, but from what i read is doable … with a bit of fiddling around.

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