Teclast F7S - Firefox freeze - Gnome

Good day, just writing this up at work (I don’t have the Teclast on me right now) however I’m experiencing freezes while browsing particularly exciting websites like youtube/youtube music, the laptop uses an Intel N3450 quad core processor, 8GB RAM, Intel HD500 graphics and I have set up using swap+hibernate with manjaro (no dual boot), I was just wondering if there was any settings I could tweak and/or if I would be better off using the xfce environment as I have read about older hardware struggling with gnome&plasma.

Sorry I won’t be able to upload any commands for several hours as I say I’m at work and just chucking this up there in case anyone could give me ideas to try when I get back.

Thanks in advance!

I’m at a loss as to why it would freeze on the Teclast but not on my Asus Chromebook, as hardware wise, the Chromebook is inferior.

It is now freezing randomly, and when I got it to run long enough inxi -Frazy shows the processor as N3450 but Manjaro Settings shows the CPU as a N3350, I’m thoroughly confused

In order to make it boot, I have had to disconnect battery, hold power (not sure if necessary) and then plug back in for it, then it will work for a while and when it gets so far it will randomly lock again and need to be rebooted, not sure if this is a hardware or a software issue in all honesty, I don’t know where to turn to as the manufacturer is only sending the odd reply about reinstalling windows 10 which was far buggier than manjaro was. (and I had tried that before resorting to manjaro anyhow)

I have determined that the issue is hardware related and the device is defective, closing the post now.

To solve this issue, please do the following:

  1. Execute:

    sudo pamac update
    sudo pamac install tlpui
  2. Open tlpui

    • Set processor on Balance_Performance when on battery instead of Balance_Power

:warning: Ensure SATA drive are set to SSD instead of HDD in the UEFI settings.

Hope this helps someone

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