Teams from Microsoft ceases to launch

Teams from Microsoft ceases to launch. It even blocks Keyboard input here in every app as long as it is trying to launch.
I have found some bug report here, making glibc responsible for it. Teams Linux Bugreport


Good update - thus far. Kernels are stable (for me). Updates to Gnome 41 are satisfactory. The only problem that I have found is an issue with Teams (aur). Specifically, the Teams desktop app launches but never proceeds beyond the splash screen. Fortunately, the Teams web interface works well. So there is a workaround. For what it’s worth, I have uninstalled and reinstalled; the app still exhibits the same behavior.

The teams-for-linux application from flathub seems to work. I’ll try re-building the aur package later today.

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@lbolsen There’s an incompatibility with its sandbox of the old electron release they use and the glibc update to 2.35. Try running it with the --no-sandbox argument in terminal. If this works then you can edit the /usr/share/applications/teams.desktop and edit the “Exec” line in “[Desktop Entry]” to contain the argument. See the latest comments on the AUR page. Note that this method comes with some security risks so maybe you can continue using the web/flatpak version till the issue is resolved.


This is why I love using free and open products (and why I love their communities). Thanks for the assist, /u/ishaanbhimwal.

Given the recent Teams exploits ( in the wild, I am loathe to remove the sandbox. So I’ll use the flathub version until the AUR project is updated.


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