Taskbar XFCE, Notification and grouping

hi folks,

i am on my 3rd day to get rid of microsoft with manjaro.

is there a way to have notifications in taskbar?

like someone is pinging you in teamspeak. Windws will turn the icon in taskbar orange. manjaro das not indicate anything.

can this be changed to more like windows style?
if yes, how

Hey @gdh,

i fear that is not possible to do on xfce. The applications provide this behavior. XFCE has in this case nothing to do with that. On the panel there is a an object called “indicator”, which is used for applications. XFCE just displays them. thats all. Same with notifications. If the program don’t provide that, then xfce cant display anything.

Maybe KDE works better there (because teamspeak uses the qt toolkit), idk :man_shrugging:, but i don’t use it anyway. I prefer Gnome or XFCE, or any GTK based DEs.

There is a package called teamspeak3-plugin-notification in the AUR with the description:

I’m not using Teamspeak, but you can give it a try and see if it works the way you want.

thanks for the info.

I tried that plugin and it actually works.
Unfortunately it just blinks 3 times. So nothing permanent until you click the taskbar TS3 icon.

thats fine for me at the moment

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