Taskbar indicators are moving because of clock (when seconds switch)

Hi there,

i am using the clock with seconds-view on the right side of my taskbar. Since a while the taskbar-indicators are moving when the seconds are switching.

For example when the clock shows an “0” at the last second and it’s switching to a “1” the taskbar-indicators are moving, because the font-space of the “1” is shorter than the “8”.

I tried spaceholders before and behind the clock, but it was not working.

Any ideas how to fix it? Thanks in preview!


I found out that the problem happens with Mint-y-dark (Desktop) themes. I fixed it in preview by choosing another theme.


I solved it changing font to Roboto Regular within Mint-y-dark theme.

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Thanks a lot Mac! Could you please post the lines you changed in cinnamon.css? I cannot find it. :frowning:

I did it directly through Preferences → Font selection

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Thanks a lot, that worked out! Brilliant! :slight_smile:

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Happy to hear that!!

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