Task bar doesnt appear after installing Manjaro to USB drive

I had ran my Manjaro from a USB drive that i installed using Manjaro Installer from a live boot from an other device. Now after installing, i booted on my laptop to the installed on usb Manjaro, and after waiting a bit, i logged in, and it loads and loads, and then appears the default background image (as i am booting for first time), i waited 10 minutes or so, but no taskbar appeared. No app shortcuts worked (like Meta + 1, 2, …), and no icons.

I tried some solutions from other people, but the taskbar didn’t appear no matter how much i rebooted…i tried using Alt + T which opened search bar at the top, i did have possiblity to open terminal. Also virtual terminal is also accessible by me if someone needs to know.

I believe that it could that i installed Manjaro from PC1 and booted on a different PC that maybe caused issues with support…Any ideas why it is happening and how it can be fixed…?

Just saying to people i sent this message 21:22 UTC+2, i can answer, but i wont use the pc until just next day (10:00)

If I understand you correct you intended to create a portable system?

If so this search result may provide some insight into what to watch out for and how to do it

That could be a thing, but my issue is that the taskbar is not appearing, some shortcuts isnt working too. Im using a Plasma KDE DE so i did try many solutions but they didnt work…

After logging in to user, it will load, and after that you appear inside you see default background image, but no taskbar appearing. I cant open apps, nor i can click meta to see all them…

This is pure guesswork and there is no definite recipe on how to fix it.

Something has gone wrong - it could be you have moved the stick before the system you used to install onto the USB had flushed all cached data.

This has resulted in an incomplete file system - manifesting in e.g. the missing component.

Installing to removable device and moving the installation around is unsupported.

It can be done yes - but - among other things you need to have all possible opensource drivers installed - and if your device is a regular USB stick it has a limited number of writes - and though the concept is familiar - it is not the same as a USB connected SSD disk device.

The issue didnt persist after i reinstalled Manjaro, so there is no issue after all.

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