"target not found: wps-office-all-lang-no-internet" when installing any software from the AUR

Hello there,
On a new machine with a fresh Manjaro install I started installing my software using pamac,
One of the selected packages was “wps-office-all-lang-no-internet”, and I got the following error:

Ever since then I started to get this error every time I try to install/build an AUR package.


Checking xfe dependencies...
Resolving dependencies...
Checking inter-conflicts...
Failed to prepare transaction:
target not found: wps-office-all-lang-no-internet

It works fine from the command line,
sudo pamac install xfe

Please inform me on any additional info that is needed.
I would appreciate any help, thanks.

Don’t use sudo with pamac.

The package wps-office-all-lang-no-internet doesn’t exists, so it can’t be found.

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It’s a Snap:

That makes no sense as it never existed in the AUR.

What’s the output of the following? It will list all foreign packages (typically manually downloaded and installed or packages removed from the repositories:

pacman -Qm

Sorry for the late reply,

Exactly, that’s the error I got when trying to install another package from pamac.

But after two reboots for some reason it works now, so I think it’s over.
Thanks for replying.

Glad you got it sorted.
Is that Snap package being maintained? WPS Office is now WPS Office 2019, and is at version

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