Target not found: masterpdfeditor-free

Trying to get master pdf editor in Aur, so

 sudo pamac search -a  masterpdfeditor
masterpdfeditor-free                                                                       4.3.89-1  AUR 
    A complete solution for creation and editing PDF files - Free version without
masterpdfeditor                                                                            5.8.06-1  AUR 
    A complete solution for viewing, creating and editing PDF files

$ sudo pamac install masterpdfeditor-free
Error: target not found:  masterpdfeditor-free

How can be just was found then denied, how to solve it ?

You are using pamac wrongly.

  1. It should not be used with sudo.
  2. The pamac command for installing a package from the AUR is not install but build.
pamac build masterpdfeditor-free
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so what install there for ?

For repo packages.
Ones that actually come from Manjaro maintainers and Manjaro mirrors.

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