Target not found: git


I guess you are right. It would make sense. Altough it does not have it as an optional dependency.


You would be surprised as how many people end up showing they were installing something else entirely, especially with software with many related packages like chrome is.

google-chrome-stable doesn’t exist. I’m assuming you mean google-chrome.

So, the pkgbuild file for that package doesn’t suggest any git dependency, directly or indirectly. And I just know for a fact that the file that is also downloaded doesn’t have a git requirement. This clearly indicates some requirement being generated by pamac itself. But I don’t use pamac, so someone else needs to confirm this.


It’s not being cloned.



package() {
  msg2 "Extracting the data.tar.xz..."
  bsdtar -xf data.tar.xz -C "$pkgdir/"


I talk about the AUR git repository… where pamac find the PKGBUILD and all other files…
pamac use git to get them.

according pamac source:

// check git needed to build pkgs
if (Alpm.find_satisfier (alpm_handle.localdb.pkgcache, "git") == null) {
	to_install += "git";
} else {
	// remove the needed pkg from to_remove
	backup_to_remove.remove ("git");

it seeems it check the package cache… isn’t it empty after installation??, then it will want to install it and it did not find it in pacman database.


do you think is a gnome edition related issue or a general one?


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