Target not found: git


nearly fresh install of Manjaro Gnome here.
I just tried to install chrome though AUR and “add/remove software”, but I get the following error message:
target not found: git

Please, any idea? Cheers :slight_smile:


sudo pacman-mirrors -g
sudo pacman -Syyu

sudo pacman -Sy git



once the database would be right and up to date, installing chrome will install git as it’s a dependency.
it does not found it as I think the database don’t exist yet. and better to check if all is up to date to avoid problems. :wink:


thanks for help,
please what happened and why do I get that error? thanks :slight_smile:


I’d suggest you stay away from the AUR if you don’t understand the reasons that have already been given.

Chromium is in the repos and is basically the same browser.


No reason has been given :slight_smile:
I need chrome!


@scachemaille already provided the answer.

Again, stay away from the AUR as it’s going to break your system. It’s not an official part of Manjaro and is there for advanced users. If you don’t know what pacman, a package database, or a dependency is, the AUR will not be forgiving.


git isn’t installed on your system. The reason you got the error message is because certain build requirements aren’t automatically installed for you and you need to do it manually.

(although I confess being a bit confused because I was pretty sure git was a default manjaro package.)

Which is most unfortunate of you. There should be no problem for you to get it. But like others said, you seem to be lacking very basic information to become an AUR user. And this will only ruin your system.

If you don’t mind that, then go ahead and install git, then try Chrome again.

If you do not wan to risk your system at this point, it is perhaps best if you use another distro where Chrome is a part of the repositories, or if you want to stick to Arch-based distros, switch to Antergos which I believe has Chrome as an option in its installer.


Git is not in the dependency list for google-chrome, and it is not a default package in Manjaro. So that has to be installed manually before installing Chrome.

PS: No idea why it’s not in the dependency list, if Chrome requires it build.


I agree, I reckon AUR ■■■■■■ up this time, not me :slight_smile:
Perhaps should I say it to the google-chrome mantainer?


It’s certainly a dependency of a dependency… or pamac check git is installed to be able to install AUR package.
But it’s certainly already installed as it’s certainly a dependency of pamac.(maybe optional). it’s just that the database was not existing or corrupt and it could not check.


Let’s take a look then. What is the aur package name you are trying to install?


I was getting that error when attempting to install both the stable and the beta version of Chrome.


that was not my question.


do you mean I should spell the package name for you, like… “google-chrome-stable” and “google-chrome-beta”?


the reason for this is simple: the AUR assumes the “base-devel” group to be installed. git is part of the base-devel group. therefore, all members of the base-devel groups do not have to be set as dependencies when creating a PKGBUILD file.

solve your problem (and future problems with the AUR) by installing base-devel as described in the arch wiki and the manjaro wiki:

sudo pacman -S base-devel


Not according to my pacman:

[strit@HAL ~]$ LC_ALL=c pacman -Si git
Repository      : extra
Name            : git
Version         : 2.14.1-1
Description     : the fast distributed version control system
Architecture    : x86_64
URL             :
Licenses        : GPL2
Groups          : None
Provides        : git-core
Depends On      : curl  expat>=2.0  perl-error  perl>=5.14.0  openssl  pcre2
Optional Deps   : tk: gitk and git gui
                  perl-libwww: git svn
                  perl-term-readkey: git svn
                  perl-mime-tools: git send-email
                  perl-net-smtp-ssl: git send-email TLS support
                  perl-authen-sasl: git send-email TLS support
                  perl-mediawiki-api: git mediawiki support
                  perl-datetime-format-iso8601: git mediawiki support
                  perl-lwp-protocol-https: git mediawiki https support
                  perl-cgi: gitweb (web interface) support
                  python2: various helper scripts
                  subversion: git svn
                  cvsps2: git cvsimport
                  gnome-keyring: GNOME keyring credential helper
Conflicts With  : None
Replaces        : git-core
Download Size   : 5.17 MiB
Installed Size  : 33.39 MiB
Packager        : Christian Hesse <>
Build Date      : Thu Aug 10 20:23:16 2017
Validated By    : MD5 Sum  SHA-256 Sum  Signature


you are right. git i no longer in the base-devel group.

but i am sure that git used to be in the base-devel group. i do not know, why this is no longer the case. in that case, it is probably a bug in the PKGBUILD file. git should be a makedepend!

please write a comment here:


I suspect it’s pamac that check for git… otherwise it won’t be able to clone the AUR repository of the package