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For some of you that have seen my previous threat, then you know that i want to make manjaro more accessible.
And for those who didn't know that, now you doo.
So basicaly i was intrigued by features of manjaro architect, and i really want to try it out.
I was trying and trying, i spemd most of today trying to make a speaking image with espeakup, but nothing.
Somehow yesterday i managed to make a mate iso, with espeakup working, today even that didn't work.
Could someone please make a talking architect image?
For those who dont know what espeakup is, its basicaly an addon for speakup that allows espeak to use it instid of hardware synthesizers.
Speakup is a screenreader, build in to linux kernel it self so no need to install it.
I wil keep trying, but if someone with more knowledge could help, i would be grateful.
My previous threat: Manjaro and accessibility
Thanks in advance


Made it!
The problem was that i didn't install alsa-firmware and manjaro-alsa.
Wil upload and share the image later today.
Do note that its not yet all that stable, i mean you can use it but espeakup/speakup and ncurses dont go along so well, so i wil need to find an alternative.


I guessed that, because TalkingArch article in the Arch Wiki mentioned alsa-utils, but I don't know anything about espeakup, therefore I decided to let others make suggestions.

May I guess that the terminal reader reads all those vertical lines and horizontal dashes which are supposed to be decorations only? Maybe you can suggest what design elements would work better for you and @Chrysostomus might consider a redesign if it doesn't mean extremely much more effort.

Avoiding nurses will be difficult until I rewrite the backend. When we have the command based backend, adding a simple text based dialog should be easy.

No, vertical dashes was only a problem with VO in MacOS, haven't seen it anyhwere else.
The problem with espeakup is that instid of options on the left and OK and cancel on the right, it reads ok cancel on both sides, whitch makes it inpossible to navigate without using capslock+u, i and o keys, and then memorise and navigate with arrows.
I found a little work arounds, numbers and letters.
Atleast something is better than nothing.
I successfully formatted the drive, installed the base system and a few other things.
I rebooted a vm and heard nothing, maybe because i did something wronk, wil need to check some of that later on.

I uploadet the image.
If you want to test it out, get it from

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