Taking a harder line on the forum?


I wonder about the search function in the forum software, I get better results from what is mentioned at the end of the banner.

search options, e.g. site:forum.manjaro.org <search_term>

That is why I was wondering about the strength and tweaks of the forums search engine.


There’s no way a forum’s built-in search can compete with a dedicated search engine. There’s some discussion on the Discourse site about this.


Should we reverse the order in the banner??? Let people search with whatever search engine first and then come back if help is still needed? I bet that would scrub off a few, umm, things.
Plus, Plus, they may get better help than here. Gasp I can’t believe I just said that. :hushed:

I mean there is a lot of hardware out there that we all do not have etc… :grinning:

Edit: On the other hand: the searcher is out doing whatever from whatever website and really screwing things up before they get here, hmmm.


I think the users should be encouraged to search the Manjaro and Arch forums before Googling (DDG) etc. Hits from many different Ubuntu distros will only confuse users as their recommendations are often not pertinent to Manjaro.

Good work with the recent changes.


Yes there will be some of that although I believe you can make a search link that heads off with some pre-made search criteria that could contain the words Manjaro or Not Ubuntu or something smart. Is this not possible in todays search, html5 age?
Just throwing that out there.


I have hopped a huge number of Linux distributions over quite a few years. You know the ones I never installed or ran for very long? The ones that presented me with basic problems like that. And from a newcomer-to-Linux, it would have been totally off-putting.

If it is so easily resolved, let it be resolved by the distribution beforehand. Don’t put the onus on the new to Linux, or new to Manjaro user.



It’s a post-computer, smartphone-engendered gap. It began with teh intarwebs. Google. Instant results. McDonalds.


I’m guessing this is more of an issue with people new to (in this case) an Arch based distro. I first came to Manjaro after having brief experience with Red Hat long ago (Unix longer ago than that), and more recently, Ubuntu/Debian/Mandriva based distros. I was totally unfamiliar with Arch based repositories and update procedures, so tended to be knee jerk in posting installation and update questions to this forum. Working with multi-boot systems over the last ten years, I also ran into the problem of doing an install and having my grub bootloader get stomped on by a Manjaro installation (others do similar things). I panicked and posted the issue, only to find that it was a long known problem, and someone kindly pointed me to relevant answers. In any case, human nature being what it is, RTFM usually doesn’t work well. It might be a good idea to keep your FAQ up-to-date and easily searched for people new to your distro or the Arch world in general. Just my two bits … hey, when will those beautiful laptops you keep plugging be available in the U.S.??? I really want one, and I’ll bet I’m not alone on this side of the lake.


That some questions get asked repeatedly ad nauseum lends this “meta” question to be to the point. If some questions get asked often, why is that? Is it because the new user is lazy in finding solutions? Is it because 100 or 1000 users are lazy in finding answers? Could it be a systemic problem that certain problematic topics come to the fore so repeatedly? At some point, the solution may lie not in censuring the questioner, but in fixing the means of answering predominant questions. Does that lie in the style of answer delivery, as per FAQ’s, easily searchable databases, etc.? Or does the answer lie in fixing systemic issues which crop up so repeatedly? Random thoughts on patterns … Cheers!


80% laziness. !0% issues out of Manjaro’s control. ie Windows dual boot borking Manjaro install. 10% correctable, (but requires the man power to do this).

Manjaro is an unpaid project, so who’s going to do all this work required. Easier said than done.


In my case, I haven’t multi-booted or used Windows since I retired 12 years ago. All of my multi-booted machines are totally Linux. I regularly use boot-repair and it usually works to fix the big issues, and I can edit the EFI stuff for fine tweaking. I suspect that the multi-boot issue is rather common to various Linux installs and how they update grub. Yes, Manjaro, as are most Linux distros, is “unpaid”. I, however donate regularly to distros of my liking, which function well for me, and from whom I get competent and polite support when I need it. I tried to donate to Manjaro about a year ago and couldn’t do it since I was from the U.S. having to deal with dollars rather than euros. I was told by a lead Manjaro developer that Manjaro is a European distro and that I’d just need to figure it out. Okay. Perhaps that’s problematical if you want donations from the U.S. users??? I donate to Mint regularly - over the last 4 years on a monthly basis. Clem provides an easy paypal way to donate with dollars, euros, or bitcoin. So. That was long winded, I’m having a bad day - it’s 100 degrees outside - but I hope you get my drift. Don’t make me bend over backwards to use your distro - which I really LIKE. Don’t make me jump through hoops to try to support Manjaro with donations.


I’m not being critical, but I’m from Canada and I could contribute to Manjaro without issue. Perhaps the payment system has changed since you tried last.


I’ll check it out tonight. Thanks. It really was an issue a year ago.


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Topic, please.


Picky, picky … sorry


Okay. Made it work for the donation this time. Apologies to Jonathon for topic issues :slight_smile:


Um, not very well, maybe? I just did an exploratory search out of curiosity once i read your post:

Even within that initial popup of results, clearly it’s not sorted in Most Recent sequence, but the problem is worse than just that… whilst maybe not now the very very latest in the forum, surely this post from a serial PITA Manjaroo would have to be one of the most recent hits for that search keyword: No Ethernet Network Connection after Resume; very recent problem

When i inspected Search’s Options i was surprised to see it was on Relevance not Most Recent, & of course once i changed it, the expected post topped the list. However later repeating the search i saw it reverted itself to Relevance.

Am i misunderstanding your post’s meaning?


Mainly because users are new to Linux / Arch Linux / Manjaro Linux and have no idea how it hangs together. Sometimes it is related to poor Linux hardware support (ie nvidia optimus laptops).

Instead of internet seraching, wiki searching (Manjaro or Arch), or forum searching to try and gain a better understanding, they simply create a forum thread repeating a question that has been asked 1000 times before… “Tell me!”.

This kind of behaviour IMO needs to be politely phased out via stricter moderation, creation of sticky thread with links to common questions / issues, and a change in how the community deals with noobs and help vampires. Be polite, friendly, courteous … but also be consistently firm.

There is this ridiculous notion that Manjaro is noob friendly, it is not, no rolling release distro is. New users need to be reminded of this also.