Taking a harder line on the forum?


You mean a wiki?


Off the topic a little bit. But kindly hear me out.

Would be nice if the Manjaro Devs can spend some time on the Official YouTube channel. The channel looks barren with merely 8 odd videos only. Not a regularly scheduled video program, but from time to time. It can be anything like New feature introduction, How-To videos, FAQs, AMA sessions, heck even showcase of how devs work and their desk setups (I remember seeing a video of Linus’s workdesk).

Agreed that there are dime a dozen of such videos and I also know that the Devs are totally swamped with work, but a video once a week or once in two weeks should definitely make for a stronger community interaction and potential new userbase.

I personally switched to Manjaro after seeing a couple of such reviews on YouTube.


Call me careful or just plain lucky but I can’t recall having a BSOD that was not resolvable through either a sound backup strategy and/or research within this forum and also the wider internet resources. I do understand that there are a lot of reviews from time to time that say things like “Manjaro is a good distro but… the reliability factor…”. Well again, I personally would have to disagree about the reliability factor because for me it has proven very, very reliable notwithstanding that perhaps one time that I did have such an issue and again, it was easy enough to resolve. I suppose this brings us back to the inherent benefits of having a good forum and the wider Linux community?


Nothing personal, but I really dislike this video/youtube culture. Reading is so much better IMO. But I get you, that’s how people function currently. They don’t inquire information anymore. Letters are much better for the inquiring exercise than videos. But people just want to be injected with how’s, not why’s. It’s almost as if information was uploaded directly into the brain, without any questioning exercise. What about the thrill of discovering? Reading about how things work, trying it and having fun while learning? I feel sad. Bad day for me. Probably shouldn’t have replied.

I haven’t taken this personally, but I’ll reply anyway. I was never a help vampire. This is the very first forum I registered (apart from IRC/ICQ channels in the 90’s and other non IT forums) and you can probably count my help requests with your hands’ fingers. Everything I have learned, I learned it by reading (either from manuals or online resources) and experimenting. So it isn’t true we are all the same, and I don’t consider myself to be an exception. I think the main difference is in the “generation gap”. People want immediate solutions today, and fool proof. They are not concerned with how things work.

@mandog you say Manjaro created a monster and now it has to live with it. I completely agree with you on this, but I disagree when you say Linux (or arch) can’t be fool proof. There’s nothing on Linux/Arch preventing a distro from doing that. They just need time (which also means money). If that’s the goal of philm, then the team has a very long road to tackle, but I consider them to be on the right track.

Regarding the content of this thread, I personally don’t have a problem with repeated questions. I just ignore them, link a solution or I reply (even if redundant). I know this isn’t probably the correct behavior, but that’s just the way i handle it. I do understand the problem it poses for someone with more free time and more dedicated than me, but I’m just not that affected. As someone said, this seems more like a problem from the helpers than a problem from the forum itself, not disregarding the effort every user puts in maintaining this forum healthy.

Regarding the help function in the forum: I don’t know hoe it decides which post is more relevant, but it gives much better results when they are ordered by latest post. Maybe this should be the default @jonathon

The FAQ is a very good idea and I’ll contribute when I can.

The rest was already said by me or others, so I’ll refrain from writing further.


Ha ha…Agree totally with your viewpoint. Especially on your point on injecting the How’s without knowing the whys. Totally true since even I did (still do :frowning:) the same thing. Say for example when I botched up my first Manjaro install and the OS wouldn’t load, it was terrifying and I did exactly what was written on the forums and it was fixed. This terrifying experience is what keeps many to going forward and leaving the platform altogether. Of course for most they have never had to install windows ever in their life. The OEMs had done it for them.

Even when I recounted on how I got to know Manjaro, it was not direct. I had heard of the wonders of Arch Linux and must have seen more than a dozen installation videos. As much as it was fun seeing the stuff, there was a constant nag at the back of my head of totally bricking my device and the process being difficult, so where do I go, YouTube again, only this time ArcoLinux, nice, pre-written scripts and everything…easy as it comes, but still the same risk…then comes Antergos…Worst time with the Cnchi Installer…System breakage risks…then comes the reliability and stability of Manjaro…This was how I had found my way to Manjaro and I am glad I did…

So the point is that this is the attitude (though wrong) the current gen has and YouTube/Video culture is what creates that curiosity and gives them that confidence to get started…Once they are inside, then the learning begins…and then the sharing… Anyways getting too long :slight_smile:


Suggestion, remove or hide the openrc subforum.
If you like, post a link to us for non systemd interested users. I think the obsolte openrc subforum is more an obstacle here than help.


I would hate to remove it.:sob: What can be done is to search “openrc” and add the tag outdated, obsolete or something even clearer.


It was only an example of “obsolete” information. As a documentary resource I’d rather leave it in place - and who know what might happen in the future.


My point is, having the subforum still visible give the impression for new users manjaro would still support it.
I am saying, you can’t really complain about openrc questions if you have the subforum still visible.
We can survive without it, but its more making your life easier, your choice. :wink:


I will not speculate here, but having a fail safe option to systemd isn’t that bad, right? :slight_smile:
But frankly, I would be miffed if manjaro went openrc again.


I think I like eugen-b suggestion, Freenas has an Archived/frozen forum subsection which contains very good information about previous versions that are not supported anymore.

Ah crud, off topic.


But what do you think about renaming the category to “OpenRC [obsolete]” or similar?


Already done (sort of). :wink:


I basically don’t care either way, but there is no information on the subforum you wouldn’t find in our forum or wiki too. Additionally, things have changed and some info on the subforum is indeed obsolete.


There is an idea, can we top down filter the forum search results to eliminate older posts? I believe that the forums search gets too many hits and makes things more confusing, especially for new users.

Is there a way to tweak the search to not show older posts, to search by users profile tags (kde, gnome, grub, etc…) etc… More tailored search possible with current forum software?


Yes, use the search options: https://forum.manjaro.org/search?expanded=true


Of course, I was trying to dumb it down and head off some questions that would just end up to be a redirect. :smile:
I agree if you cant use the advanced search then…, well what can we do but answer your question.


I am loving the new search banner at the latest posts area.

One suggestion can we make it permanent for newbies until they have marked some posts solved or so many reads etc…
Clicking the X is way too easy.

How to search the forum


It would be better if the default for search results was most recent instead of most relevant. I find that, at least in this forum, the threads the forum thinks are the most relevant are generally not relevant at all.


OK, I’ve made that change. Let’s see how it works.