Taking a harder line on the forum?


I use to tell to search a part of the error message as search term.


@mandog, @tbg, this is all very very true, but OT for this thread…


True, but it was ultimately snicker-worthy. I’m sure glad my moderator days have passed. :smiley:

But, back to the topic, yes, a “harder line” vis-a-vis an FAQ is not very “hard” and may help teach normal forum protocol to those most needing to learn it in order to properly ask for and receive help.

I think it is the least we should do. In both meanings. :wink:



What the F are you talking about I give a example of misuse and how users that are complaining that Manjaro needs to be harder, Are are making fun with a user that only wants help for his favourite porn site you clean it up to hide the truth then hide my thread, just shows the 2 the true face of Manjaro.


To save blushes/embarrassment. But if you want to call it a cover-up then I can’t stop you.

Anyhow - still OT for this thread. :wink:


The reaction by the moderator in that topic shows the true face of Manjaro - he asked not to judge anybody who isn’t doing anything illegal.


damned if you do and damned if you don’t - the moderators lot :slight_smile:


Your moral high ground is higher than his moral high ground. Mother.


Btw, that thread would have known no end had you not changed it. Good clean up.


First of all I do not want the Manjaro forum to follow the arch forum approach. The arch forum is very (!) unpolite to people who dare to ask the wrong question. To aggressive from my point of view.

I enjoy the more relaxed people in the Manjaro forum!

So what is the real issue about a questions being asked several times? It is not a matter of disc space or that it prevents us from answering the “real” - the new - questions. The forum is not really suffering from it.

I believe the issue is more an attitude issue of the forum members reading the same questions again and again. Annoyed by the user who asked an faq. Annoyed that the user was too lazy not to search the forum before asking.

But what is the real issue? I dont see any.

So I would propose a minor action for postings like this: Just move them to a new, dedicated category. Call it “Beginners asking FAQs” and append a short README to the post explaining why it was moved. And later on this category can help to create an FAQ document.


I agree that in and of itself hashing the same problem over and over is not an issue. Where it ends up hurting the forum in my opinion is that difficult technical issues end up getting buried by a mountain of trivial posts.

I love to help people with their wifi issues, and I often find after the fact I missed an opportunity to help someone because I just missed the post with the volume of new stuff on top of it. I may find the post later when I’m performing a search but by then the person is trying another distro where the wifi may work out of the box.

That is how it becomes a problem. Legitimate technical issues on a technical support forum end up falling by the wayside because of the people that are too lazy to perform a simple search for a common easily resolved issue. That’s how it becomes a problem in my opinion.


This may actually be a worthwhile suggestion if the contents of this category could then be set to “ignore” on your personal forum update notifications. TL3 members would then have to spend a lot of time moving these posts for it to be effective though.


And we could use a new button “Notify moderator about FAQ” to bring the postings to the attention of the moderators. It is then their choice to take action.


Well, what we can do is this. We create a sub-forum called Common known issues due updates. There we have the current list of known issues due to update routine, similar as we have on our update announcements. Sometimes people simply don’t read it or don’t unhide the past ones. Then we can start threads for each topic we had and given solution. This way maybe new users may find it. That I’ll place prominent into the *Newbies forum. Might help as we anyway post those solutions and have them already. Thoughts?

Also what are the most common issues other than update problems?


I think that’s a good idea Phil. However I think a sub forum with a non pejorative name for trivial posts such as “how do I change my wallpaper” would be helpful as well.

You cant just set the newbie forum to “ignore” as some newbie questions a very legitimate posts that require technical assistance with. The question is how do you separate the wheat from the chaff so that technical assistance requests don’t get overlooked because of the sheer volume of posts.


But this is the issue, I think. We are talking about lazy users who are not searching before posting.


Well, this thread started on a fact of multiple posts having the same content. From my support in IT it is mostly cos of users don’t find the answers they a looking for or are too lazy to even start a search.

Some have different approaches:

  • keen to learn some and try to find some
  • having a simple problem but not known it, that there might be a simple solution for it
  • too lazy to search, so simply post it

Each question is a ticket and normally in IT support you get paid per ticket. Therefore you create a knowledge DB and when some user asks the same questions you simply give that reply based on the guideline.

However, this is a forum and might lead to so many double posts which are already answered. My idea is to provide a fixed place users can find it. I thought having these update announcements would help, but it seems we have to do some extra to even improve it.


OK, just spit-balling. Say you create a category such as “Often asked & easily solved issues”. All TL3 and above members can move threads there if they feel the post is clutter. Anyone having a post moved to this area could be sent a message by discobot.

The message could politely let the user know their post was moved here because it was of a repetitive nature that has been posted many times before. A reminder to search before you post and to make a legitimate effort to resolve your issue before seeking the communities assistance.

Then perhaps, if the same user is repeatedly having posts moved to this area discobot could then forward a warning to curtail these habits.

Just a thought.


Here is the first entry for this new category. :smile:


Well, he comes from the Debian/Ubuntu world. Based on the content of the thread he got his answer and all is good. Maybe he didn’t search the forum, as some similar was already posted. When however more than three people post about the same issue, some went wrong.