Tablet mode not working HP envy x360

Hello I am new to Manjaro (and I’m bit of a noob when it comes to Linux) and I have a HP envy x360 (15-ds1063d). from what I read on the Manjaro wiki, I understood that the hinge sensor for tablet mode detection wouldn’t work but I can’t even figure out how to use the manual tablet mode (tablet-mode in AUR) I’m not sure how to edit the associated json file. also iio-sensor-proxy doesn’t fix the autorotation sensor and rotating the screen.

Has anyone with a similar model of laptop have any luck?

From the GitHub page:

You must be a member of the group tablet to toggle between tablet and laptop mode.
You can toggle between tablet and laptop mode by running setsysmode toggle or use the desktop icon provided with this package.

Are you sure that tablet mode won’t work? Have you tried running libinput debug-events and checking if it registers switching to tablet mode and back?

I just tried libinput debug-events but it didnt show any event when I fliped the computer into tablet mode.

I read through the github and I think the problem has something to do with the json file, I just cant figure out how they get the two lines


how would I find the corresponding lines for my system, I tried but when I tried to manually change into tablet mode something glitched out, the mouse started spazzing and I think it was falsly registering an enter key.

In order to find the devices for the input, run:

sudo libinput list-devices