T14 middle click paste disable - Manjaro Gnome

Can I please disable this
There are countless threads here, SO, reddit etc and nobody knows how to do it
I need to scroll and middle click to open URLs in new tabs
I dont need to paste
Im dying here, Im a software dev and text keeps dumping the clipboard when Im scrolling in sublime text

People say “Its deeply hardcoded in the system”
Why does it need to be? Is it somewhere set in the assembly code to optimize resources or something?

Im both searching for solutions and answers

Let’s talk about hardcoded
Its hardcoded into me to press ctrl + v to paste stuff
Its also hardcoded into me to use the middle button to either scroll drag or open urls in new tabs

The same goes for everyone else
Nobody grew up using Linux, as kids we grew up using windows to play Tiberian Sun and Diablo, and on winnblows systems, the middle button works a certain way that you get used to

First off - if this is a problem, then its a Gnome thing, not a linux or manjaro one.
Gnome is kinda known for doing their own thing, and not particularly caring if users like or can control it.
You have every ability to choose a different DE. Maybe one that is more customizable by nature.
(Or no DE at all)

Second - did you really search? You seem to say nobody knows … but I have dozens of results.

First result on ddg:

Lastly I must mention that “hardcoded, windoze, grew up with …”
Actually no - those werent defaults for everyone … and at first only existed within certain browsers for example, or after certain versions of windoze … and then only if you had that kind of mouse … which was fairly new back in the 90s. Besides, it doesnt matter. “Its like this on my mac amiga commodore rice cooker” is not a compelling argument, and may even be entirely nonsensical in context.
(Wheres that Turbo button?)

In whatever case, if you have tried some method or other of achieving this, please outline those so folks can give better suggestions.

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You’re doing it wrong. Don’t press middle-click while scrolling. Problem solved.