Systemd v248 for stable


the stable Branch of Manjaro currently still runs with systemd v247 (247.7-1-manjaro). I would like to use v248 since it includes some systemd-networkd Features i would like to use.
and a few more

I’m just curious if anybody can tell me the timeframe for the release of v248 for stable.

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If you want use v248 switch to testing.

Probably new version still isn’t in stable because need more testing. Sooner or later v248 will arrive to stable.

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@Tomek yes, that’s certainly a possibility, but if there are reasons not to switch i would like to be aware of those before doing so :sweat_smile:

With this topic i try to get some infos or links to where those considerations are documented or if there is no documentation, maybe collect some arguments.

is only little more than two months he hits unstable, probably needs more testing… :wink:

with pacman 6 who knows… :crazy_face:

Maybe i’m not that patient because i already waited quite a while on the Release of v248 itself and i’m kinda already waiting on v249 for some features which didn’t get into v248 :sweat_smile:

It seems like 248.3-2 just hit stable :partying_face:

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Well and broke some older kernels like 4.9 and 4.19 it seems …

Luckily for me not really relevant since i use 5.12.9-1-MANJARO, but that’s of course unfortunate.

Issue with linux419 was an unwanted AUFS4 patch added …


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