Systemd-swap causing issues with Wayland?

I’ve noticed a few times recently that after a reboot, when logging into Manjaro GNOME, I seem to be in an X11 session. After logging out I am able to then log in on a Wayland sessions.

When I reboot, if I click on the session options I only get GNOME and GNOME Classic options, but after logging in and back out I get GNOME, GNOME Classic and GNOME XOrg.

I’m using Manjaro on a couple of different machines and the problem was only happening on one box until this morning when I set up systemd-swap on the 2nd box. As soon as I set up the zram option and rebooted, the issue with Wayland started to happen. After disabling systemd-swap and rebooting, Wayland works again.

I’ve switched to using a regular swap file but thought I would mention it in case anyone else is in the same situation or if anyone knows of another solution. I had a look on the systemd-swap github and although there isn’t mention of exactly this issue, there does seem to be known issues relating to it interfering with systemd.