Systemd-inhibit suggestion

Hi all,

I’m sure everyone has at least seen it before, and some had to deal with the effects of this.

a Automatic restart/shutdown/hibernate/sleep/suspend during an update.

I was looking into this, and I came across this:

It seems to deal with that.

It’s even in the AUR:

So my question is, would it be possible to include and use?

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I’m honestly surprised this is much of an issue at all.
I cant recall ever experiencing an interruption.

We may use it as a base but also have to look into pamac too. Better been save then sorry especially if you have low battery an update on shutdown via pamac should be avoided when enabled.


That’s why I suggested it, because it uses pacman hooks, so AFAIK it will work for pamac too.

(And I anyway always use and recommend using pamac…)

I’ve never experienced it myself, either.

I’m very careful about such things.

However, I have seen it here more than a few times.

Its libalpm hooks specifically … with both pacman and pamac being fronts for libalpm … so it appears at first glance it should work for both already. (the --who flag is just a descriptor)

PS - I might also suggest coupling this with kernel-modules-hook, or kernel-modules-hook-reflink in the case of btrfs, for more comprehensive insurance.

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For example:

and if you do :mag: you will find at least 10 or more threads, where this is at least part of the problem.

I was actually part of that conversation, that’s where I got the idea to start investigating originally.

Same here.

Also more of a laptop issue than desktop…