System upgrade Question: Intel Alder-Lake and DDR5 compatibility issues with Linux/Manjaro in the first few month?

Hello guys,
im using Manjaro since 6 month and im still in a learning curve to know how Linux works and what happends to hardware changes.

I want to upgrade my Skylake PC to a new DDR5 System after release, that means Mainboard/CPU/RAM switch, i still want to use my Creative Soundcard and nvidia 2080Ti and my old Drives… i won’t use Onboard GPU.

What can/should i expected in the first month after release?

What about this “Brand NEW” Onboard Network/USB 4.0 Ports? Will i still have network access and what happends USB to 2.0/3.0 devices connected from USB4.0, is there a generic driver for the Onboard Network/USB to ensure the minimum support for a working system?

How high is the chance that Manjaro even will Boot up in the first month or is it required to wait 5-8 month till the Hardware gets official supported drivers?

Btw. I just talking about minimum (not gaming) working system… till Linux Kernels got updated… i just interested to know what should i theoretical expect after a MB/CPU/RAM upgrade.

Thanks in advance

Maybe it’ll work. Maybe it won’t work.

You’ll just have to wait and see. Just like when the first Ryzen CPU was released, it wasn’t stable on Linux until MONTHS later.

I don’t recommend upgrading until you know it’s stable.

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