System upgrade failing

When trying to upgrade I get this error:

/etc/skel/.xinitrc exists in both manjaro-kde-settings and manjaro-xfce-settings

I suspect it’s from kde-gtk-config, but unchecking the upgrade for this package isn’t working.

Any ideas?

Have you really installed both desktop environments, KDE and xfce?

yes, I have, but that hasn’t been an issue until now.

but now it is. That is one of the reasons I recommend not to do this. It’s quite difficult to get rid of one of the DE’s as they are now interlaced in an “ugly” way. Let’s wait for some more experienced forum members which might be able to help you.


Meh. pacman -Rdd one of them and then continue on.

I’m on KDE right now, but I’m using some XFCE packages. Removing XFCE won’t break them?

Those settings packages are really mainly just for skel … the defaults for when you create a new user … they dont have much effect … my point was to remove one of them (Rdd skips dependency checks … but I doubt anythings depends on it anyways … and you can decide to reinstall afterwards)

…after double checking … it looks like the KDE one has more items … so remove manjaro-xfce-settings

sudo pacman -Rdd manjaro-xfce-settings && sudo pacman -Syyu && sudo pacman -S manjaro-xfce-settings

That worked, thanks!

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