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Hello there. I’m currently using KDE Plasma Stable. I installed the system from the 20.1 installation image when 20.1 was still the current version.

After the initial update that generally comes after installing a system I haven’t received any major system updates since. I see that the current version is now 20.2.1, but when I run the update manager it still tells me there are no updates.

I notice that if I go into the Pamac menu options and choose Refresh Database it then says there are over 4 gigs of updates, but if I close Pamac and try to run another regular update using the update manager it once again says there are no updates.

Can anyone explain why I’m seeing this behavior? Also, will those updates become available at some point through the regular update manager application without having to take the extra step of using the Refresh databases menu option which, in fairness, is something most everyday users wouldn’t do? Thank you.

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Maybe it’s this issue reported in Manjaro GitLab?

See if you can get the list of apps as described in the report.

If it doesn’t work, open a terminal window and run

pamac upgrade

or using pacman

sudo pacman -Syu

in order to update your system.

Hi, This does seem strange. Are your mirrors set up correctly?

$ pacman-mirrors 

The output should list some mirrors: Example output

Pacman-mirrors version 4.19.1
Local mirror status for stable branch
Mirror #1   OK  00:28   Germany
Mirror #2   OK  08:36   Czech
Mirror #3   OK  08:35   Bangladesh
Mirror #4   OK  08:34   Australia
Mirror #5   OK  02:35   France
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I tried switching tabs around then clicking the little “Refresh” button and received the same message, that the system is up to date.

I ran “pamac upgrade” from the command line and received the following result:

Synchronizing package databases…
Nothing to do.
Transaction successfully finished.

Strangely though, if I try to install a new package that I don’t yet have installed such as dub, the D programming language package manager, pamac then wants to upgrade all of its dependencies to the latest versions so pamac seems to know about them in some regard.

I ran “pacman-mirrors” and got this result:

Pacman-mirrors version 4.16.4
Local mirror status for stable branch
Mirror #1   OK  01:19   United_States
Mirror #2   OK  02:20   United_States
Mirror #3   OK  15:48   United_States
Mirror #4   OK  00:20   United_States
Mirror #5   OK  00:17   United_States
Mirror #6   OK  02:27   United_States
Mirror #7   OK  00:10   United_States

I see my version of pacman-mirrors is older than Hanzel’s, as my version is 4.16.4 and theirs is 4.19.1.

Always check your mirrors - for years with Ubuntu, then Mint, then Manjaro I had super fast servers from local Thai universities - it looks like they all gave up the ghost, when I checked the mirrors I found my repos were 120 days or so behind…

Changed them up, and bang - massive updates.

I’m not sure if it helps to reset your mirror list according to the wiki page
according to the the repo status your mirrors are up to date.

I’ve added the pamac tag to the original post, this might attract a more knowledgeable user.

@linuxtinker Have you run this? and could you post the output?

Just RUN ONCE in terminal (this is ONE LINE COMMAND):

sudo pacman-mirrors --country Bulgaria Denmark Czech Germany France --fasttrack --api --set-branch stable -P https && sudo pacman -Syyuu

Trying the different things must have refreshed something because I had 3.9 gigs of updates to install. Since then I’ve had two more updates. The first was an update for pamac, and the second was another update for pamac and Firefox, so it seems like I’m getting updates again.

I wonder why my system stopped receiving updates, even when it acted like it was checking for updates. I didn’t edit any config files or anything like that. The only changes I made to the package system after installing Manjaro was to turn off automatic updates because I like to check manually, and to change my mirrors from Worldwide to US in the pamac preferences.

Nice to hear you have a updated system again :+1:

How did you disable automatic updates? I’m not sure there is a option to turn of automatic updates, there is a option to disable the check for updates and a option to disable automatic downloads in pamac.

Thank you :slight_smile:. I opened the pamac GUI and went to the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner, then Preferences, then I turned off “Check for updates”. That’s what I meant.