System tray programs not showing their icons

Recently I installed Manjaro and other package/programs like: audacious, ktorrent, jdownloader2.
For those programs (included qbittorrent) I’ve checked the option for icon tray but there’s no icon in systemtray, I have to remove SystemTray widget and to add it again to see their icons, and I must repeat this process per every new program using system tray. What’s going on?
Thanks in advance.

PS I’ve read this post but my problem is different.

Plasma 5 sometime has these issues.
Config files often become corrupt, or don’t update in a timely fashion, sometime only after the dialog or application has been closed…
Icon themes have had a notorious tendency in Plasma (KDE) to not apply in open windows and containment’s, without a refresh.
This issue has been around since the Plasma 4 days, and has yet to be fixed.
Just do a google search on the icon issues in kde, and you’ll see just how far the rabbit hole goes.
The most notable being, when applying icon themes, any open dolphin windows will not update, or just partially update it’s icons. However, sometimes hovering over the icons will make them change to the new ones, but not always. This has also been observed in the past on panel widgets, and with pined applications, and open tasks instances in the task managers as well.

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Thanks AJSlye, this problem is new for me, I come from using Arch Linux since several months ago and I never had this problem with KDE Plasma. I hope this bug can be fixed promptly.

Could be a Manjaro theme issue.
The Plasma packages themselves come from arch.

The tray and panel are from plasmas ‘desktop theme’ please check if others/all suffer this.

I’ve installed another theme according to this post, and same problem with system tray.

Well Maia is still a Manjaro made theme.
However, I meant icon theme, not desktop theme.

Best practice would be to reset all themes to Plasma, not Manjaro, defaults (aka breeze).
Then report back if the problem persists.

I was fooling around panels and I added a new panel, this was “Maia Panel” then I removed the old panel AND all is working fine now. I’ve restarted OS several times and it seems that it was the solution :hugs:
Thanks for your help.

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