System Tools folder Icons have shrunk, now tiny

I have been digging around settings, tweaks, right click etc trying to find a way to make my System Tools icons readable
I made no deliberate changes to their size, the others are all normal size, accessories, office are fine no change.
Thank you for any help or direction

I can reproduce it on the 21.1.6 live ISO. We’ll take a look.

I’ve removed your cry for help from your topic title. Please see How to Post

EDIT: I cannot reproduce the issue after install without even updating. Try resetting the layout via:

gsettings reset app-picker-layout
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Yochanan, Thank you for the Rules link i will read it all again in detail later, different than any other site I have been on
I have restarted a few times since my last post it seems to have fixed itself
I will keep the terminal command you gave me just in case I need it later.
Thank you again

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