System not booting after compiling and installing custom kernel


I tried installing a custom kernel, but after trying to boot it I never get into KDE Plasma. I’ve closely followed this tutorial from the Manjaro forum to compile and install a modified Linux kernel (5.4.143): “[HowTo] Build your very first custom kernel” (Sorry, I can’t insert URLs). After I updated the grub.cfg, everything seemed fine. I was able to select the kernel in the advanced boot section, but if I select to boot from it, it displays the usual output ("…: clean …/… files, …/… blocks ") but after that, nothing happens and I’m stuck at this point. After doing some research I think it might be a problem with my proprietary nvidia drivers? How can I fix this?
Every answer is appreciated!

You probably need to use the DKMS Nvidia drivers so the video modules are made for your custom kernel, as the Manjaro repositories do not have the modules made for your custom kernel.

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Thank you for your answer. Could you maybe explain how exactly I’d have to utilize DKMS to make my new kernel functional? I’m not really used to working with Linux on a desktop environment.

Not really. I have done that long time ago, you probably need to remove official drivers from Manjaro Settings, then install the Nvidia DKMS package from repositories, and I’m not sure which package it will build at this point, when I have done that there was no package in the repos and I used the AUR, and installed packages from AUR too. So maybe you also need some of the packages from repos:

  • nvidia-utils
  • lib32-nvidia-utils
  • opencl-nvidia

And also you probably need to create the xorg Nvidia config file too (it is in theory generated when installing from Manjaro Settings).

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Please read this:

Because only über-geeks run with custom kernels because once you do, you no longer have Manjaro but you’re your own Arch distro instead and are responsible for everything yourself.


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OP not running Manjaro as no Manjaro Kernel is running.