System halted issue on a Raspberry Pi

Hi everybody, I just installed the minimal image on my Raspbery Pi.
Everything is perfect except that I can't reboot or shutdown the board.
Every time I type in reboot or shutdown nowthe system starts the shutdown procedure, but it ends with reboot: System Halted.
Do you have any suggestions to solve it?

Reading this seems to be a recurring problem, ways they have fixed it:

  • Used a different SD card
  • Change the fstab (in a youtube video, ugh, didn't watch but you might want to)
  • Update the firmware

I have the same problem, tried everything mentioned here nothing worked. Were you able to solve it?

Here's how I fixed it
$ cd /etc/modules-load.d/
$ sudo touch bcm2835_wdt.conf
$ sudo nano bcm2835_wdt.conf
Put this in there


And save

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