System freezing issue and Track pad freezing issue

Hello I am Rajrup, i am facing a system freezing issue i donot understand where is the issue , is it with my LTS kernal or any other type of issue .
Should i change to a new kernal ?
sometimes after freexing display goes black but media playes ,
sometimes after freezing for few seconds a warning pops "Display graphics restarted due to a sudden change ".
Where is the issue?
I have an AMD 2500U CPU vega 8 graphics card (open source drivers ).
sometime after switching on my track-pad also freezed and settings says that no track-pad hardware detected , where is the issue?


Freeze on Ryzen CPUs are widespread. More information here. I am also affected.
I also installed C6 Disable. Since then it’s been going normally:

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how do you do that tell me

For the C6 Problem, you can use the AUR:

The “idle = nomwait” must be entered as a kernel parameter at Grub.