System freezing in manjaro specifically

So, i was using manjaro since more than a year & i had random system freezing issue for this long but lately i shifted to garuda linux with ‘idle=nomwait’ kernel parameter & i haven’t felt any freezing issue so far. I like manjaro more but idk what is causing this problem in manjaro.

You just answered your question. Add the same kernel parameter to Manjaro as that disables Intel idle driver and changes it to acpi_idle which helps in your case preventing the freezing.
Some people also use processor.max_cstate=5 because CState6 makes some systems freeze in Linux …

I tried that in manjaro too but sadly it didn’t work. I even disabled cState too.

alternatively, you can also use this:

It’s also included in the AUR.

IDK but garuda definitely not using this. Still it’s not freezing at all. I just want to know what garuda is doing extra that preventing my system to freeze